It’s been 2 years since Lena moved to National City to rebuild L-Corp. That’s literally all I consider to be important information during the scene with James and Lena.

Reign’s interruption demanding Ruby’s whereabouts was icing on the cake. Lena was a badass spraying her in the face with Kryptonite. It’s just worrying that Lena has this readily accessible.

Legion members are in stasis. Their vitals are back to normal with Pestilence defeated. Imra has to return to the future to ensure the Titan Alliance is secure. I was relieved to see Mon-El return to the future and leave Kara alone.

Brainy and Winn’s bromance is fantastically awkward. Brainy gifts Winn with “future dirt” and the DEO employee is ecstatic.

J’onn, Winn, Supergirl and Alex meet up with Lena and James. They decide to protect Ruby’s grandmother and Alex insists that she stay with Ruby inside Lex’s mansion.

Patricia Arias is a badass. She cocks a gun when Supergirl and J’onn arrive. Patricia suspected that Sam was Reign since Sam was a young girl. Her doodles sketched out scenes that made Reign’s symbol familiar to Sam’s mother on the news.

Patricia feels responsible for the gruff way that she raised Sam. She refuses to leave when and if Reign arrives.

Ruby yelling “Aunt Alex!” and giving the DEO Agent a hug is so precious. Ruby isn’t short-sighted, though, and wants to know more about why her mom is sick. Alex distracts her with wanting a tour of the mansion to change the subject.

J’onn confides in Supergirl with his concerns for his father and his dwindling memory. His reviere is interrupted by Reign’s arrival, as she sports Pestilence and Purity’s abilities cloaked by darkness. A battle between Supergirl and J’onn results in Patricia’s death after arriving at the DEO med bay. It breaks my heart every time.

Brainy bugged the DEO. I find this hysterical. The 12th-level intellect doesn’t see this as an invasion of privacy. At least this lets he and Mon-El know that Reign has absorbed powers from the other Worldkillers.

Should Lena reveal she can use Kryptonite on Reign? I don’t agree with James’ suggestion.

Alex tries to distract Ruby with a promise of movies and popcorn, but I wish she’d brought Ruby with her to the other room and not have left Alex’s phone behind for the 12-year-old to find.

Supergirl arrives at J’onn’s apartment in the hopes of discovering how M’yrnn was able to combat the White Martians back on Mars.

“Mon-El, you need to go back.”


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No, Mon-El. I wish you’d stayed on the ship and not swept into Kara’s rescue in the fight against Reign.

Lena comes armed with Kryptonite and Supergirl is furious. She can’t seem to trust the L-Corp CEO with the one substance which can kill a Kryptonian. I feel like the Kryptonite could be used as a means to subdue Reign without killing her.

Ruby, predictably, contacts her mom, leaving a message which Reign senses from the sky. The Worldkiller attacks Lex’s mansion while Ruby scrambles to safety. Flames and then cold air rush from the walls Reign moves through, but nothing slows her down.

Eventually, a fight ensues between Mon-El, Supergirl, Alex and Reign. Mon-El attempts to open the case of enhanced Kryptonite to weaken Reign, but she smacks it away. After several well-aimed punches and takedowns, Alex is able to get a good shot it, firing an electrically-charged bullet towards Reign.

Just when it seems they’ve won, Reign goes for Ruby. Supergirl warns that attacking and killing Ruby goes against Reign’s code. This distraction allows Mon-El to crush Lena’s Kryptonite into a bazooka like weapon to launch at Reign. The hit works, lighting up Reign’s skin with green veins. Supergirl covers Alex and Ruby with her cape and the saga ends.

Reign is returned to the DEO, locked up until Lena is able to ascertain a cure to separate Reign and Sam permanently. Mon-El and Supergirl have a few moments before going off to train.

M’yrnn’s memory loss is worsening, and J’onn’s facial expressions say it all. I can’t imagine it’s easy to content with being the one losing memory or the one acting as the person’s caretaker.

Alex comforts Ruby. It’s overwhelming for a young child to discover that her mother is a part-time serial killer. Promising never to lie to Ruby again, Lena and Kara greet them both over ice cream.

It’s tough for Kara to hear from Lena that her crossing a line about Kryptonite and having James search Lena’s vault makes Lena mistrust Supergirl. At least Kara and Lena are still good friends?

Tanya escapes with a journal as the episode closes. What great hell do the writers have in store for us next time? Be sure to check this blog for more reviews. Catch new episodes of Supergirl returning to the CW on Sunday January 20th and catch up on Netflix anytime.