Super Mario Party: First Impressions

Mario and a cast of partying characters are back; promising more fun and broken friendships. 

When Super Mario Party was announced at Nintendo’s E3 2018 Direct, we were ecstatic. The last two entries into the series were the worst of the bunch, and Mario’s board-game-meets-game-show franchise needed a reboot.


Nintendo Switch taken by author via Super Mario Party 

With promises of back-to-the-basics board game modes to newer, inventive ways to play (here’s lookin’ at you, Toad’s Rec Room), did Super Mario Party live up to the hype?

Here are three reasons to stay hyped and pick up your copy of Super Mario Party:

1. Graphically, It’s The Best One Yet


Nintendo Switch taken by author via Super Mario Party 

This should come as no surprise, but Super Mario Party is truly beautiful. Whether its in the small details strewn through the different boards or the water droplets after cascading down white water rapids in the new River Survival Mode, it shows that this game wasn’t an afterthought for the Big N.

2. The Minigame Instructions And Practice Mode Are Amazing


Nintendo Switch taken by author via Super Mario Party 

As a complete surprise, one of the standouts from our short dive into Super Mario Party was the minigame instructions hub. On the surface, it is set up like past entries, but rather than hitting a button to enter ‘Practice Mode’ and hoping you remember the instructions, the practice is built right in. This seamless integration is something we didn’t realize we’ve wanted since the beginning.

3. The Menus, Hub World And Finishing Touches


Nintendo Switch taken by author via Super Mario Party 

While the overall premise of Super Mario Party is cutesy (aside from the truly friendship-ending minigames), the menus this time around are slick and more ‘grownup-like’ than before. There’s a level of polish that coats the entire game, including the hub world (a nice addition to what a typical ‘Party Plaza’ has looked like in previous games. 


Nintendo Switch taken by author via Super Mario Party 

Though we’ve only scratched the surface, Super Mario Party is a great step back into traditional, down-right-fun couch co-op! Stay tuned as we dive deeper into new characters, game modes and more with our full review!

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