This week’s Better Call Saul continues the incident with Hule and the cop and further drags on with the Mike/Germans plot line. Last week left a tough act to follow, but the story must go on and this episode starts off strong.

Kim drops Jimmy off at the bus station. Jimmy gets on a long bus ride with a bag full of stationary and plenty of pens. He starts writing. He gets his fellow passengers to write. He stops at the post office in Coushatta, Louisiana. In the background, we get a nice instrumental piece in the background in sharp contrast to last week’s jukebox.

In the drug trade, Nacho and Krazy Eight have moved up the chain. The street level dealers bring their cash to Krazy Eight, while Nacho supervises. Nacho has to get real, real rough on the dealers when they come up shorter once again. He comes home to a couple of ladies to whom he feeds meth like pets. As Nacho puts away the days’ money, he accidentally knocks some fake Canadian IDs with his and his father’s pictures on them.

The Germans hang out in an empty strip club, while Mike supervises. Mike and Werner, the German boss, head to a less flashy bar. Werner tries to become friends with Mike by talking about fatherhood – bad move, Werner. Mike leaves Werner alone in the bar and Mike asks if he’ll be okay. This dude is toast. Meanwhile, Kai got handsy with one of the strippers and Mike sends him home. Mike then finds Werner drunk, and lecturing some new local friends about engineering. Mike chews out Werner, who apologizes. Whe he reports to Fring, Mike explains that they are behind schedule – but he reports confidence in Werner.

At home, Jimmy and Kim aren’t talking. Kim works later on Hule’s case and in reaction, Jimmy goes to his apartment to work on his side business. His landlady reminds him of the extant of Kim’s anger toward him. Meanwhile, the prosecution will not budge on their sentence of 18 months in jail for Hule. Kim brings in three extra lawyer and amps to the lawsuit, threatening to subpoena every local business and informs the judge that she has asked the ACLU to inspect the matter. 

Meanwhile, Jimmy’s letters have arrived from Coushatta, Louisiana and he sent them to the judge. The judge shouts “Counselor, are you prosecuting Santa Claus?” after he calls the assistant district attorney into his chambers. The ADA immediately starts calling what names she can find on the mail from Coushatta. Using his burners, Jimmy’s film students pretend to be the residents of Coushatta. When the ADA calls the church which claims Hule as a member, Jimmy himself passes off as a Baptist preacher in a gnarly Cajun accent. 

The prosecution settles, which learn from a smashing shot of Kim and Jimmy making out in the courthouse stairwell. Also, Kim’s a big fan of Jimmy’s Cajun voice, too. Kim does not, however, love her job as Mesa Verde’s financial janitor. Mesa Verde hates to hear Kim say no, even to impossible tasks. Kim and Jimmy meet at a less than ideal office which he’s thinking about renting (not to ruin the fun, but Jimmy’s going to end up in a strip mall). Jimmy thinks that Kim will never want to cut legal corners again, but he’s totally wrong. She loves it.

Nacho shows up at a restaurant – the scene screams shakedown. The man he talks to in the kitchen introduces himself as Lalo Salamanca and declares that he’s in town to ensure the Salamancas stay on top of the game. Nacho wants no part in this dude, who only makes life more dangerous since he’s yet another crazy Salamanca trapping him in the criminal life.

Last week, Better Call Saul hit a high, and this week we got important character development for Kim, but I wish we could move on a few plot lines. Namely, I wish Mike would really lash out at his Germans or else unleash Fring on them. However, I do also wish we could be introduced to Saul Goodman’s office. It’s the nature of prequels, however, to make an unexpected story new again which I’ll covering with next week’s Better Call Saul.


Photo source: Photo by Nicole Wilder/AMC/Sony Pictures