Meredith brings her children, Bailey and Ellis, to work with her because their nanny has the flu. Carina offers her coffee to Meredith and thanks God that she doesn’t have any kids. This reaction shocks Arizona, and Carina says that it’s hard to travel as much and as spontaneously as she likes to when you have kids. DeLuca, Carina’s brother, walks by the two of them with Sam, and Arizona says the four of them should have a breakfast double date. Carina says Sam’s rounds are too early for them to do that, but she says it more as a backtracking excuse. Once Sam leaves, Carina refers to Sam as a stalker, and DeLuca reminds her that the two of them are in an actual monogamous relationship, which Carina has never had.

carina and sam.png

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Maggie gives Jackson the cold shoulder after finding out about his kiss with April. Jackson won’t apologize because he doesn’t think he did anything wrong.

Webber sits in Ollie’s hospital room while Ollie is unconscious. Catherine brings her husband coffee and sits next to him. Outside of the room, Meredith remarks to her sisters that Webber has been sitting there for days. Changing the subject, Amelia says that she’s found a doctor in Chicago who is doing a similar ultrasound research. Amelia hopes that this doctor has the technique more figured out than she does.

ollies last day.png

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Jo takes her interns for rounds, stopping at Ollie. Meredith tells them to move along and not go in Ollie’s room. Jo doesn’t want to get written up for not following protocol, so she has her interns do it from the window. Roy and Quadri both can’t figure out the vital information from the hall, but Sam has it all memorized and recites it.

hall interns.png

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Kimmie calls it quits on chemo. She tells Alex that she gave this a shot and waited on his miracle cure, but now she just wants to go to New York and experience Broadway. Alex has a scheduled surgery, so he asks her to wait until later and bribes her with ice cream.

kimmie pre check out.png

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Arizona checks on Matthew’s baby, Ruby. Something is wrong with Ruby, but Arizona isn’t positive what it is. Matthew asks for a different doctor because seeing Arizona is too hard after his wife’s death at Grey Sloan. For the third time today (Alex denied access to Kimmie’s room as well), Arizona shuts Jo and the interns out of the exam room.

ruby exam.png

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Bailey asks Meredith to take care of her patients today while she gets caught up on research for her Trailblazer. The two are interrupted by an ICE officer asking about one of their surgical interns.

ice agent

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Bailey and Meredith tell Sam that a man from Immigration and Customs Enforcement is here to talk to her. She immediately panics. Bailey asks if Sam is undocumented. Sam says she’s a Dreamer under DACA with a work permit. The only way she’d be deported is if she breaks the law. She says she doesn’t speed or do drugs or do anything wrong. Meredith says the man probably just wants to check her papers. Sam’s first instinct is to run. She tells her the story of her friend who had been taken and dropped off in Mexico City with a bag of clothes.

Bailey tells the officer that Sam is in the middle of surgery, which could take hours. He decides to wait.

Amelia talks to Dr. Rebecca Froy, the other doctor who is researching ultrasound use on tumors, via webcam. Their conversation is going well, and they make plans to meet in Seattle… until Rebecca realizes that Grey Sloan is a Harper Avery hospital. Rebecca wishes Amelia good luck and hangs up on her.

amelia video chat

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Arizona fills Owen in on Ruby, putting him in charge of her care because she trusts him. (This makes no sense to me. We never see any pediatric surgeons other than Arizona and Alex, but they do exist, and the Arizona inside of the show would have spent years working with these doctors. The hospital doesn’t run on our ten main characters.) Owen says the Pit is busy today, and April offers to cover it, asking him to focus his attention on Ruby.

Meredith has Helm find DeLuca to talk to Sam. He asks if she even knows anything about El Salvador. Her family moved to the US when she was one, so it’s completely foreign to her. Meredith suggests that the two of them get married for a green card. Both of them get a little weird and “I didn’t know that we were there yet” when Meredith clearly didn’t mean they had to get married and mean it. Just for legal status. Sam realizes, however, that marriage doesn’t give legal status for Dreamers.

Carina and Arizona’s patient, Lainey, is in active labor, waiting for the epidural to kick in. She asks about her baby’s heart and her own, indicating they’ve had issues during the pregnancy and reason for worry. Arizona says it all looks good, though. Glasses aka Bloodbag aka Schmidt asks why they don’t do a C Section, but Arizona says it’s riskier in this case. Once out of the room, Arizona gives Schmidt a list of things to make sure they have by Lainey’s bedside in case of emergency. Schmidt is confused because Arizona had just said Lainey is fine. Carina tells Arizona that everything is fine and that Arizona just has the maternal mortality rate on her mind. Since the last patient to die postpartum wasn’t showing any signs either, Arizona just wants to be prepared.

mom epidural

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Bailey notices the ICE pop an antacid and asks when his last physical was. She notes that, though he’s been sitting still, his jugular is bulging out. She takes his pulse, which is high. He thinks she’s doing it to distract him from Sam, but she says heart health is nothing to mess around with. When a crash cart is rushed to someone’s room, Arizona gets the idea to prep a crash cart for the maternity ward.

bailey takes pulse

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Meredith asks Alex if he knows anyone who can help hide Sam. She thinks Alex’s dad had been a drug dealer, but he says he was just a drug user. Alex points her toward Jo, though. Jo tells her to go to New York with $1,500 and talk Mikey. Mikey will get her a death certificate and a new identity. Sam cuts her off and says that she doesn’t want a new identity. She’s built her life around this one.

jo's advice to sam

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Jackson tries to talk to Rebecca for Amelia, but Rebecca says she cannot tell him what the issue is because she signed a legal agreement with the Harper Avery Foundation that says she cannot discuss the legal agreement with anyone. Jackson believes that since Harper Avery died, she should feel free to discuss this matter with Jackson. Rebecca hangs up once again. Jackson suggests Amelia start looking elsewhere for a collaborator, but Amelia says she needs Rebecca.

jackson webcam

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Jackson asks his mom about Dr. Rebecca Froy. Catherine says it was just over research. Harper took her to court and she lost.

Maggie continues to ignore Jackson in an elevator, but Jackson breaks the silence. He says he’s proven himself as loyal, isn’t a gossip, and wouldn’t stir up drama for no reason. Maggie says that Jackson has proven that he’s good at keeping secrets and lying by omission.

Parker brings an EKG machine into Bailey’s office in case the agent changes his mind. He asks if it draws any blood, but Bailey informs him that they’re just stickers.

fields ekg

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Amelia asks Owen if he can call Megan and ask her to a favor in regards to Sam. She wants to hide Sam in Southern California while they find her an immigration lawyer. Sam is Amelia’s favorite intern and she doesn’t want to lose her. Owen thinks Amelia is just trying to grasp at straws.

Schmidt brings the crash cart he supplied to Arizona. She criticizes which drawers he chose to fill with certain supplies, and rearranges it to what makes sense for her.

ari crash cart

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Bailey asks Maggie for a consult on the ICE agent. Maggie thinks it’s a distraction tactic and is on board. Once Bailey manages to get Maggie focused on the EKG results, Maggie says that it’s really not good. Fields, the ICE agent, sees the two talking and approaches. He’s still skeptical about Bailey’s intentions, so Bailey shows him her chest scar and tells him that she had a heart attack a few months ago.

bailey scar

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April tells Owen that she doesn’t think Ruby’s problem is her heart. She doesn’t have any reason to believe that, though. It’s just a feeling. She asks him to look into GI obstruction or reflux, pyloric stenosis, and sepsis.

DeLuca confronts his sister, Carina, thinking that she turned Sam into ICE. She’s hurt that her brother would even think it was something she would do.

deluca asks carina

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Jo catches Kimmie and her grandmother checking out of the hospital. Jo tries to convince them to stay, but they’re set on leaving. Kimmie asks Jo to thank Alex for them, and to tell him that she was smiling. When Alex finds out that Kimmie left, he takes off running down the hall.

kimmie leaves

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Jackson tells his mom that he talked to their legal team and asked them to waive whatever agreement they had with Rebecca so that Amelia can get back to her research. This news shocks Catherine, who had gently told Jackson earlier to let it go. It becomes apparent that she remembers the case with Rebecca much better than she had lead us to believe earlier.

After checking out April’s suggestions, Owen confirms that Ruby has pyloric stenosis. Her stomach is having trouble letting food pass through. Owen says a simple surgery will fix it.

A mother starts bleeding out in the maternity ward. Arizona calls for Schmidt to rush the crash cart into her room. With the help of that cart, they save the mother’s life. Arizona realizes that this crash cart is the solution to her maternal mortality research. She thinks all maternity wards should have one of these crash carts on the floor, just in case. It’s weird to me that they don’t already. Arizona asks Carina if she’s going to pick up and move now that their project is almost done. Carina says she doesn’t want to leave Arizona, and the two kiss.

crashing mother

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Maggie shows Fields his scans. He has major blockages in his arteries due to stress. She says he is very high risk for a heart attack. Maggie suggests immediate surgery. He asks to have some time to call his wife, and tells Bailey that he’ll have to send another agent down to check on Sam. She asks one final time if Sam had broken the law. She finds out that Sam ran a red light after a long shift at the hospital.

fields scans

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Bailey tells Sam the reasoning, and that her medical training likely won’t transfer in El Salvador, and she’ll have to go through med school again. After everything Sam’s mom did to give them a better life in this country, Sam isn’t ready to go back. DeLuca suggests that they run off to Canada and wait. Meredith says “If you run, you’re a criminal. If you’re a criminal, you can never practice medicine again.”

Meredith hands Sam a plane ticket for Zurich, Switzerland. She tells Sam that she will be leaving the country voluntarily to study cardiothoracics at the Klausman Institute with Cristina Yang. Meredith also hands her a copy of “her” application and essay, which Maggie wrote for her.

sam goes to switz

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April walks into the hospital’s chapel and sits next to Matthew to pray.

praying april and matthew

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Jo tells Alex that she wants to have kids with him, and that she wants to take his last name because she’s never had the last name of someone who loves her.


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Webber sits with Ollie as she takes her last breath and cries.

ollie dies

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Owen signs up to foster-to-adopt a child.

owen fosters

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DeLuca wants to follow Sam to Switzerland. Sam doesn’t want him to throw his life away just because she has to. (EXCUSE ME, do you not realize what an honor it is to work with Cristina in Switzerland??) She begs him to stay here and cries as she gets in the cab.

Maggie witnesses this heartbreak and goes to see Jackson. “All over the world, people can’t be with the people they love.” She sees that her behavior may seem petulant in comparison to those situations, but she’d still appreciate an apology. She makes it clear that she’s not upset about the kiss. She just wishes that Jackson had told her. She’s always had people omit things from her, thinking she can’t handle it. Jackson tells Maggie that she sees herself as a ‘goofy underdog’ but she’s beautiful and brilliant and is holding all of the power here. He says that she keeps showing him how easily she can walk away from him. She kisses him and tells him that she’s not capable of walking away.

jaggie makes up

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Catherine ominously tells her husband “Jackson has ruined us.”

ominous catherine

Image Source: Grey’s Anatomy on ABC

I can’t make myself care about ominous cliffhangers. Obviously I’m interested in finding out what’s happening, but I’m not very invested. Some viewers wonder if Sam’s plotline will lead to a momentary return of Cristina. I wouldn’t count on it, but I would love to see Cristina (and Sam) again. Why do we keep sending our best doctors-in-training away? (Please come back, Stephanie. We miss you.)

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays on ABC as part of Shondaland’s TGIT.