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Episode Synopsis:

While Daddy buys time with Barb, Daya looks for new ways to bring in oxy. Black Cindy’s guilt takes a toll on her body. Red acquires a powerful ally.


Kickball- Piper is super determined to make kickball happen throughout this episode, and it was kind of a weird storyline to me. It had its poignant moments though. I loved that after Piper explained why she was bringing kickball back to Gloria, Alex and some others, they were supportive of her decision because it made sense that in order to enjoy some part of being in prison, they could at least have some outside time and continue this tradition for years to come. Also, the scene between Piper and Maria was so good. We saw that Maria is trying to change her ways, and when Piper starting talking to her about kickball; after first refusing, Maria was reminded by Piper’s scar, that she gave to her, that she could start changing, by being nicer to the ones she’d hurt in the past. And what really changed the game, was that after Piper got her signatures for kickball to be reinstated, it all went downhill, when Carol decided to take control, and made it D-block against C-block.

Drugs cont.- I’m sorry, but I’m so over this drug storyline. It’s getting old because it’s been several episodes, where Daddy arrives at a dead end, yet again, and doesn’t know what to do, and Daya is there to try to make things better. This time around, Daya is trying to get Aleida to help her out, and at first, I was proud of Aleida for making the right decision, and refusing. But of course, she had to go back to her old ways, and help her daughter out. I’m just waiting for her to get caught. And on the flip side of this, Aleida’s storyline is taking a weird turn. She’s now living with her “boyfriend,” whose a guard at Litchfield, which is weird in itself, and I’m not sure how long she’s going to be able to stand him. They’re definitely not a match made in heaven, and I wonder if she’s going to try to get him to help her smuggle the drugs in.

Red- Red has gone down an interesting path, and is now bffs with Carol. What was also a shocker, was that her hair was grown back in and it was blonde! But besides that, I’m wondering what’s going to happen between her and Carol over the rest of the season. Are they going to try to create a plan to get revenge on Freida? Or will that someone how backfire?

Cindy & Taystee- This storyline made things complicated for Cindy and Taystee and I feel so bad for Cindy. The poor girl got an ulcer, from trying to hold back her secrets from Taystee, and it was disappointing that she didn’t reveal the truth. I totally get it, because Taystee is already going through a lot, but Cindy needs to tell Taystee the truth about what her and Suzanne saw in the pool area. I don’t know how much good that would do, since Taystee is pretty much screwed, but it’s basically killing Cindy at this point. As for the interrogation with Caputo, I was so proud of him. He tried his best to make Taystee seem like a great person, and we knew that he was telling the truth about everything. They have such a great understating of each other, but sadly, Caputo did have to confess that Taystee did punch him and keep him captive at some point during the riot. I don’t know how much that’s going to help Taystee in the long run, because the interrogators are pretty much out to take her down. Lastly, I’m happy that Caputo decided to quit his job.

Salsa fitness- Things get awkward between Gloria and Luschek, but it was interesting that Gloria tried to use it to her advantage. The only thing that sucked, was that Irene decided at this time, to butt in and blab to Madison about the situation. Yet again, Madison had to take charge, and warned Gloria not to go back to salsa fitness. I hope Gloria stands up to her.