TGON Reads: Reincarnation Blues

Suzie collects souls at the end of their lives so they can return to life in another form. Milo, her human boyfriend, hooks up with her in the times between his death and the beginning of the next life. It gets weird.


TGON Reads: Walkaway

Walkaway culture makes for really cool reading because it begins with modern science. 3-D printing provides our heroes with everything they need. DIY enthusiasts build drones, zeppelins, and mecha from scratch. Scientific breakthroughs travel across the globe at a dizzying pace thanks to file sharing and open source technology. It boldly imagines a world without the need for government. The Walkaways accept all except the greedy and the oppressive. It calls to mind Robert A. Heinlein’s novels, but pressed by the left wing instead of the right.