Space Force is one of Netflix’s newer original shows. It stars Steve Carrell has Mark Naird, a military man who lives and breathes army life. Newly promoted to five-star general Mark is tasked with building the newest branch of the army from the ground up. This branch? The Space Force, an offshoot of the Air force whose sole purpose involves everything…..well space. Space force takes control of all satellites, and Nasa, their main goal is to get boots back on the moon and then from there to colonize mars.

The plot is simple really. It is this simplicity that makes the show work, it never has to try too hard to achieve what it set out to do. In the end, Space Force is meant to be a comedy. I honestly would say this is hard to see at times, the jokes are very crass and are often delivered very dry. The most humorous moments come from either the interactions between some of the characters or their reactions to some of the situations Space Force finds itself in.

It’s very clear from the get-go that these highly trained military men and scientist have absolutely no idea what they are doing, which in the end translate really well since its a new branch of the military trying to figure itself out. I would say that much like the Space Force team within the show, the show itself is trying to figure itself out.

Is it a comedy? A serious look at what it would take to introduce something like this in real life? A spin on real-life military missions? It kind of crosses over into all three and at all some points becomes a jumbled mess. I still found myself enjoying it, not so much like you would some of Netflix’s other offerings like action movies and dramas or whatever you’re into. Somehow Space Force sucks you in, much like watching Family Guy late at night when nothing else is on.

You only want to fall asleep so you put on one episode hoping it will knock you at and then five hours later you’ve managed to binge an entire season. Much like some of the other things on here I’ve talked about, even though its really not that great or attention-grabbing somehow it works.

But as always I encourage you to give it a shot yourself.

Live long and prosper, reach for the stars, and join Space Force.