Photo Source: The Game Of Nerds: Arganise Campbell

Video Game

Recently I’ve been having the craving to play Super Mario and Mario Kart. I’m not a video game addict, but I need variety in my life when it comes to gaming consoles (that’s my excuse to cheat). I purchased a Nintendo Ds XL just to play Super Mario and it felt so weird and satisfying at the same time. It was weird because I haven’t held a Nintendo Ds since I was in 7th grade so now that I’m older I feel like an XL kid. For two weeks straight I brought my Ds to work, the bathroom, and bed (I think I have serious issues). I also have seen gameplay of the new Mario Kart and Legend Of Zelda on the Nintendo Switch and now I have a craving for it. Update, I still haven’t purchased a Nintendo Switch boo me.


Those movies that you love so much and that you can watch a thousand times over is also a nerd craving to satisfy. Around this time of the year, I get the craving to binge watch all of the Harry Potter movies. One movie that I recently have had the craving to watch is Fantastic Beast And Where To Find Them. If you haven’t watched that movie you must give it a chance on your binge watch list. Nothing beats coming home from a long day at work, kicking your feet up on the couch, eating popcorn out of your pokemon bowl, and watching a great film you’ve had a craving for. Some binge-worthy craved movies watch include The Harry Potter Series, The Lord Of The Rings Series, The Star Trek Trilogy, Alice In Wonderland, The Greatest Showman, and The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (any time Of The Year). Some other things that will make your nerdy movie night a lot more special are lots and lots of blankets and pillows. Ladies if you have cramps Meijers have the best heating blankets! Turn off all of the lights and blast your sound bar or home stereo (At least that’s what I like).


Gaming at home is a blast, but do you ever miss going to the arcade just to get out of the house. A nerd craving you must satisfy is the craving to be in the environment with games, nerds, and food. It is also more fun to go in a group. Every now and then I get the craving to play laser tag and hate on that one guy who is always there playing Dance Dance Revolution. Also, some arcades have classic games that you use to play as a kid. Pacman is one, but there are also some pinball machines and ski ball. I also love the Jurassic Park experience games because it makes me feel like I’m really interacting with dinosaurs (I’m a real dork). If you ever get that urge to go make sure you satisfy it.