Since Comic-Con we’ve known there’d be two Deathstrokecentric episodes. Since then I’ve been looking forward to those episodes. This episode was one of my most anticipated Arrow episodes. Deathstroke Returns did not disappoint. I can’t recommend watching this episode more.  Beware spoilers are coming your way.

Deathstroke Return’s opens with the attempted assassination of members of the city council. Luckily Dinah was there to thwart it, the identity of the shooter is unknown. With Oliver out of the office helping a friend, Rene is in charge.

Slade needs help finding Joe his son who now goes by the name Kane. Slade tracked him to Kasnia where he is serving a life sentence for something like weapon trafficking. Deathstroke is looking for Oliver Queen’s help not the Green Arrow’s. He needs diplomacy.

Flashback time, 13 years ago, Slade and Joe in New Zealand, camping.

Felicity and Curtis discovered the identity of shooter from earlier, Vigilante and it looks like the target was Council Woman Pollard. Her death would most likely put the anti-vigilante bill on the fast track to being approved. Meanwhile Diggle is at the crime scene with Dinah and the rest of the police when none other than Agent Watson shows up. She’s rather curious as to why the mayor’s bodyguard would be at a crime scene and wants to bring him in for questioning.

Oliver seems to be unsure of whether he should help Slade or not. Oliver made two promises, one to William and one to Slade. Felicity convinces William would understand and that he owes it to Slade.

Dinah is staking out Pollard and rightfully so because Vigilante was doing the same. She is there just in time to thwart another attempt, a scuffle breaks out and his mask comes off. Dinah recognizes him but I sure as hell don’t.

Now at the Arrow Cave Dinah reveals the identity of Vigilante to the team. He’s name is Vincent Sobel, her old partner and lover. Vincent was thought to be dead but I guess not. The dude got shot in the head right in front of Dinah. I’m honestly a little let down with that reveal. I’ve been waiting a year for the identity of Vigilante to be revealed and it’s some guy I’ve seen on the show once before that I don’t really even care about. I’m disappointed.

Now Special Agent Watson is calling Felicity for a meeting.

In Kasnia Oliver and Slade meet with one of Slade’s old informant friends, Nylander for more info on Joe’s location.

Felicity’s meeting with Agent Watson goes as expected, super awkward.

Slade’s plan to get them in the door is having Oliver the famous American mayor there to ask for the release of Joe. Realistically that isn’t going to work which is why Slade also brought $50,000 to exchange for his son. Slade wants his involvement kept a secret. He isn’t even going to see his son. Slade says he is a monster and doesn’t deserve to see him. He isn’t getting the happy ending Oliver got with William.

Another flashback of camping, this time they’re cooking fish over the fire. Joe is questioning his father if he is really a pilot, that’s Slade’s cover. His son is absolutely right, it even looks like camping was a cover for another “job.”

Team Arrow has tracked down Vigilante’s hideout and he has a lot of bullets, enough for a small war. Rene calls Vince a psychokiller and Dinah says he isn’t wrong. Interesting.

Back in Kasnia Oliver and Slade are at the prison requesting for Slade’s son’s freedom. The warden tells Oliver he wishes he came earlier. Joe died trying to break up a fight in the prison yard. I’m not buying it.

Slade’s torn up, as you can imagine even going as far as saying his son never knew he loved him. He wants his chance to say goodbye.

Yet another flashback. Here Slade and Joe are playing catch when Slade’s stop a man walking by and asks if he can take their picture. I’m thinking he’s the “job.”

Dinah is not taking Vince’s return well. She wants to kill him.

S06E05 Deathstroke Returns

Photo Source: CW

Pollard is heading to an interview at channel 52, clearly that’ll be Vigilante’s next attempt. Channel 52 is not a secure location, Dinah plans to go protect her. Rene has also been subpoenaed by Agent Watson.

Slade and Oliver are back at the prison so Slade can say goodbye but the warden says he doesn’t have the body anymore. The Jackals broke into the prison and took him, he isn’t dead. He had secrets they wanted. Clearly they didn’t know who Joe’s dad was when they took him.

S06E05 Deathstroke Returns

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At channel 52, Agent Watson and the FBI are there as well. Dinah warns the team to stand down. Watson is clearly expecting the Green Arrow to show up.

Slade is suiting up. With some help from Felicity they have the location of the Jackals. Oliver wants to help but Slade wants to keep him out of the game. He drugged and knocked out Oliver for his protection.

Another camping flashback. Slade finally gets his son to try fish. The man from earlier walks by the campsite and Slade suspiciously excuses himself. In full Deathstroke garb Slade grabs the man and questions him about the location of Yao Fei Gulong. Once he is given the name of the location, Purgatory he ends the man.

Diggle without the hood goes to channel 52 to provide some back up. Dinah isn’t clear in the head and Diggle just wants to make sure she’s alright. She insists the Vince she knew is dead and she doesn’t need help.

As expected once they are on air, Vigilante’s presence is made known to the audience. The powers cut. Vigilante is about to kill Pollard and calls her a corrupt politician but Black Canary arrives just in time for her to run.

Deathstroke Returns

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The Canary and Vigilante are about to throw down until a police officer interferes and shoots. Black Canary is in the line of fire but Vigilante takes the bullet for her, right in the head again. He’s a meta, the bullet popped out of his forehead like he was Wolverine. Dinah finally get some answers from him. He couldn’t reveal himself to her it would ruin his “mission.” She lets him get away.

Oliver wakes up to a note from Slade : “Go home kid. Be a father. Thank you for reminding me I’m one, too.”

Ollie’s ready to head home until he gets a call from William. William asks if he was able to help his friend. When Oliver says no. William asks if there is anything he can do. Oliver gets a gleam in his eye.

Slade’s at the Jackal den (they don’t actually call it that.) Slade kills a whole lot of them and it’s glorious.


Photo Source: Arrow Wiki/Arrow/The CW

Nylander Slade’s informant reveals himself and he wants to call a truce and explain everything to Slade.

More camping, Slade packs up his Deathstroke gear.

Watson questions Dinah about her whereabouts when the power went out. Vince left a gift for Dinah like he used to, a rose in a matchbook. She smiles. Maybe her Vince isn’t gone after all.

The Jackals need Joe, he is the boss. Oliver shows up a little late to the party, he’s able to hide in the shadows and sees the reveal of Joe, the leader of the Jackals.

My thoughts:

  • The Deathstroke action was great.
  • At first I was let down by the Vigilante reveal but I’m a little more intrigued now that I’ve learned more about him especially his powers.
  • Watson is definitely on to the whole team.
  • What’s corrupt about Pollard?
  • Could Vigilante eventually join Team Arrow?
  • Will Slade and Joe reconcile?
  • Is Oliver going to have to suit up to help Slade?
  • I’m rather excited for next week, I want more Slade action.
  • This might have been my favorite episode of this season.

Can’t wait for some more Deathstroke action! See you next week.

Catch Arrow Thursday nights at 9pm on the CW.