We’re hurtling towards Christmas and the big season finale at quite an alarming speed, especially since Christmas Day in Erinsborough fell on the 10th of December in the UK this year. Nevertheless, there’s lots to round up as things get set up for the final big week of 2021, so let’s crack on.

Terese is in Trouble

Paul has been attempting to win Terese back ever since they separated, and his tactics have got increasingly bizarre as he’s gone on. He tries to charm her by dancing with her at the policeman’s ball, and there is clearly still a spark between them, which leaves Terese feeling confused. Paul then offers to go to a relationship counselor together, but the session gets heated, and Paul ends up listing all the terrible things that Terese has ever done, such as cheating on Gary with him. Making a huge list of your partner’s flaws is a bit out of left field as far as attempts to win them back go.

neighbours paul terese
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Terese is left feeling confused, with nobody to turn to and facing the prospect of spending Christmas alone, which gives her a chance to drink in secret. However, her family and friends have dropped the ball a bit by trying to support her through the festive season.

People Are Finally Noticing That Harlow is Evil Now

It’s taken everyone except for Chloe a while, but people finally realize that Harlow has gone over to the dark side. She’s very rude and unpleasant towards Mackenzie and Hendrix and extremely dismissive of Roxy. They find out that she’s been visiting her psychopath father regularly because she thinks he’s the only person she can trust. So Mackenzie and Roxy finally realize that Harlow is suddenly acting like someone who’s had some sort of frontal lobe injury and decide to ask David to speak to her. It’s not often that Kyle is the voice of reason, but he’s absolutely correct when he says that Christmas Day might not be the most tactful time to ask someone if there’s a possibility they might be a psychopath like their dad. I cannot wait to see how that one goes.

neighbours harlow
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The World’s Most Awkward Christmas Party

Oh boy. We all know that Christmas can be a fractious time for some families, but actively going out of your way to throw a Christmas party where most guests hate each other is absolutely asking for trouble. But this is exactly what David, Aaron, and Nicolette decide to do because they can’t decide on which far-flung bit of the family to spend Christmas with.

Amongst the guests are Jane and Paul, who are currently arguing with each other because of all the family drama and Paul’s awful meddling. Also battling with Paul is Glen, who has told Paul that he doesn’t forgive him and that he thinks he’s a pile of human trash (I’m paraphrasing) with no redeeming features (he’s not wrong). Glen’s current other sworn enemy is Harlow, who knows he is up to no good and has broken into his hotel room twice and is also at this car crash of a party. Chloe is here, Nicolette’s ex, and she is acting so awkwardly around her that she offers her hand for a high five when she arrives. Speaking of exes, Britney arrives with baby Abigail, despite arguing with pretty much every member of the Tanaka/Robinson clan last time she was in Erinsborough. However, she seems to be on her best behaviour on account of wanting to charm her way back into Leo’s heart, and I can’t really say I blame her for that.

neighbours leo britney baby abigail
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Terese in Even More Trouble

The terrible Christmas party implodes when it becomes apparent that Terese has lied to everyone about where she is for Christmas Day, and nobody can locate her. Finally, Glen comes clean that she’s been drinking again, and the whole party dissolves while everyone goes to look for her. Unfortunately, it’s Harlow who finds her, and she currently has about as much tact and empathy as a chainsaw, so the conversation doesn’t go well, ending with the two of them arguing. Which brings me to…

The Finale Teaser (no spoilers here)

The teaser for the big finish for 2021 looks SO good, and I am very excited. There looks to be so much unmissable drama that we’re not going to know what to do with ourselves, and there is even a returning character who I am simply thrilled about. So bring it on, and I can’t wait!