If one thing can be said for the past few years, it is that reboots are IN! Some are hauling in legions of fans already, such as Star Trek: Discovery.  Some reboots fell pretty flat pretty quickly, including Magnum P.I.  (In my personal opinion) And of course, there are those shows such as Lethal Weapon and MacGyver, neither of which have quite found their footing yet.

Will and Grace is one of those reboots that came back strong straight out of the pilot!  (Again, in my personal opinion) The characters felt the same.  The laughs were the same, coupled with moments of depth.  We felt welcomed back into lives that were familiar and lovely.

But there’s more to it than that.  All you have to do is read any of the reviews online to see that the new show isn’t the old show at all.  The basic premise and the cast, yes, but not so much the subject matter.

Politics.  Religion.  Immigration.  Equal rights.

These are hot topics in the world right now and not everybody loves that Will and Grace are taking them on.  Personally, I think it makes things more fun.  I hope they maintain it.

So, since we’re on an episode break right now, let’s look at 6 highlights of the series!

1.  Jack puts a numbing cream on his face just in time to Skype with his boyfriend and his boyfriend’s parents.  This is a hysterical disaster.

2.  Grace hooking up with Ross from Friends was not something I liked at first.  They didn’t seem to have the right chemistry.  By the time we reached his startling “I love you,” I realized I was very, very good with it!

3.  Jack getting possessed by Rosie was oodles of fun!  It was sad that, when the cast came together for the reboot, the actor for Rosie had died.  This was a funny, yet profound way to make sure she still had an impact on Karen and a voice in the show.

4.  Grace gets hired to decorate Donald Trump’s office and considers doing a Cheeto based color scheme!

5.  Jack forming a relationship with his gay son, which is at turns hysterical and profound.

6.  A more intense plot line occurred when it was revealed that Grace never read the letter that Will gave her when they were younger.  He’d admitted he was gay.  She was devastated.  He wrote her a letter explaining everything.  It tore him apart to write it and it clearly tore him apart to discover she never even read it.  By the episode’s end, Grace has read the letter.  She’s also discovered things like Will having considered harming himself.

As much as I watch this television show for the laughs, I especially tune in for these moments.  This was my favorite scene in the reboot so far.

What’s been yours?