On my first initial watch, I wasn’t very impressed with this episode to be honest. But on the second watch through I really was able to appreciate how this episode was done. This was also a special episode as Colman Domingo, who plays Victor Strand, directed this episode, which was very female oriented and helped give someone new a chance to shine.

Al and June are stuck in the truck with no diesel, and such dead in the water. June keeps trying to get a hold of John on the radio but is not getting any feedback. She keeps using up the battery. To no surprise to anyone water becomes scarce, June says they can’t keep going out to sweep in an area that they can get back to the truck before nightfall so they have to abandon the ride. As they are about to take out for the day they hear some radio chatter, from Morgan but they don’t know it is him. In the transmission they hear the location of Morgan at mile 365, mile marker 27 heading west. Morgan is 76 miles from Houston. Al is fading fast, she says it’s low blood sugar related, while June and Morgan are playing radio tag trying to get clear signals from each other.

Al and June find another truck to use, and while on the road coming up fast is Al’s van driven by a stranger! Al is red with rage and follows as fast as she can to reach her van. Al can’t catch up and spins out and has a mile crash avoiding debris in the road. Al insists on getting the van back because it has the medications that she needs. Al is in horrible shape, so June sets off to try to get the van back to get the medicine that Al insists is in the van. June finds the van parked on the side of the road next to a crashed bus. The bus has a lot of walkers lined up on the ground in front of it. While June is looking around someone comes from behind and has her at gunpoint.

The two talk it out, the guy thought that the bus would have some diesel gas but it didn’t have any. June is able to channel Laura, or who knows, and is able to disarm and get the upper hand on the gunman. She keeps asking him where the medicine is and he doesn’t have any idea what she is talking about. June finally tells the guy to kick rocks, she radio’s back to Al asking where the medicine is and she can’t find it, Al says their never was any medicine she just wanted the van back. June is PISSED!

Back at the other truck Al who can’t even stand is trying to change the broken tire, a walker came from the swamps with one leg is after Al, she tries to fight him off but can’t, so she pushes and kicks the walker under the truck under the empty wheel, she keeps kicking the truck so the jack will fall and crush the walker in the head. I can’t do it justice, it was for sure the walker kill of the week, and right up there with Morgan and Alicia’s log kill.


Oh hi, don’t mind me just being the most creepy. Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Back in Mississippi, Morgan is going on a stroll for a stronger signal, he finds a drifter digging into one of the help boxes, and he tells her that the boxes are true, take what you need. She tells Morgan she is not weak, and that he should be careful. Morgan tells her he is just going to go on his way, she is digging into the box sabotaging perfectly good water(in bottles) with dirty rain water.

Morgan finds a large tower and climbs up it looking for a signal. He reiterates his position and which direction they are going to be heading. June and Al are listening on the long range but, the batteries have died because June has been trying to get a hold of John so much. June looks at the map and sees they are 50 miles away, and if they leave now they can catch up to him. Al wants to stay with her van so this is where they go separate ways. June drives off and Al changes her mind and shoots off her gun in the air, Al says that she needs a radio with battery and they go look for Morgan together. The duo are able to catch up to Morgan and his rag tag group at night.

After filling in all parties on what is going on and who is who and getting some food, June asks to borrow Morgan’s radio. June is talking to the guy who originally stole Al’s van, knowing that he was listening before and wondering if he will be again. She says he can be a guy who is helping look for people and not someone who pulled a gun on someone. His name is Quinn, he does reply and he did find Al’s van again. June tells him they are at mile marker 27 with food and supplies and people. A little time later, Quinn gets out at mile marker 27 and asks if she is playing games. He is at mile marker 27 and nobody is here. June asks him to make sure and look again, he gets up closer and sees that a vinyl 7 was placed over the 1, the crazy lady uses Pervis on a leash as a trap and bites Quinn’s neck.

After that, she lets Pervis go and tells the walker it’s his time to move on. She takes the van, and has walker Quinn inside the van, she writes on his face, “People You Know” as this episode concludes.

Who is this mysterious woman? I think she was a trucker, she is pretty smart and crafty if not a total wack job. This is someone you want on your team and not against you! Does she have other truckers as nuts as her?