Hello and welcome back to Ghosted. It seems this week is another filler episode, and some more pieces of the storyline are falling into place, as Ava returns, but our duo is in a bit of a pickle, as secrets and feelings are brought to light in a very abrupt way. But, let’s go ahead and dive right in.

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On the way from a bogus call, Max and Leroy are talking about going on a group date with Anne, where Max might actually ask her out. Leroy seems to deter the conversation, until a flat tire. Suddenly, a bright, flying, unidentified object dances above a field, and shoots off. Max had been filming a butterfly, so he caught it on tape. Suddenly, Leroy admits he slept with Anne, explaining his distance from earlier. The team returns to the Bureau, showing the rest of the group the video, and Leroy’s confession by accident.

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The Triangle group is behind the bugging, or so the man Ava is stalking says, but have nothing to do with Ava being fired. The guy vaguely says they are already here. Ava returns back to the office, only to decide she wasn’t giving up. Anne happens to be in the bathroom at the same time and takes Ava’s words to heart. She returns, and ignores her co-workers jokes, deciding to charge forward and continue trying to identify the object. She isn’t sure why Leroy told Max but lets it go, for now.

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Sadly, not everyone on the team is ready to let the matter drop. Merv calls a group meeting, and they talk about dating in the office, deciding you can only ask a coworker out twice on a date before you can never ask them again. Max decides to try, and use his first, only to be denied, Anne explaining she never really had feelings for Max, and he should just drop it. Max is shaken, but it does clear the air between Leroy and him, seeing as the girl he wanted didn’t want him back. Mostly, it was Bryd’s creepy story that causes the tension to evaporate between Leroy and Max, but I am glad they are on the same page. You can tell Leroy really cares for Max. Ava draws them into her car and tells the two about what she found out. An amazing piece of writing, acting, and filming is how Leroy and Max keep saying We and Triangles in sync. It is a piece of work to watch and not giggle at. I love the little moments this new series has.

I really am gonna miss this series. It has been a pleasure watching it develop into something quite entertaining. I hope the actors and writers go on to work on other projects. But, for now, stay shiny!