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So, the Johnson’s are getting a dog. Or so Jack thinks. But over the years Dre and Bow have found creative ways to say no to things in creative ways, especially when it comes to getting a dog. Dre and Bow both think that they are safe because there is no way in hell Jack would ever get straight a’s. Well on this day, Jack gets straight a’s. And the realization sets in! Dre and Bow are horrified because soon they have to get a dog. Of course after many tears and whiny conversations and a family meeting and vote, Diane casts the tiebreaker to get a dog and sends the house into chaos because who likes peace. Needless to say Dre is unhappy but he can’t pout at the decision because, well they were his own rules. Foot all in it, lol.

This review, once again will be a bit on the short side as there wasn’t much content to begin with. It is literally about the family getting a dog. And some creepy flirting with Johan and Ruby. Once again race finds its way into this episode. Kinda over that. Although, Dre and Jr are on the same side about not wanting a dog. So, Jr decides he’s gonna pretend to be a big dog and annoy the twins with clichéd drama dog hoping to deter them. He’s fails though, rather unconvincing as a dog.

In the end, Dre concedes but of course he wants a big vicious dog, like a boxer. After attempting to go through a few shelters the dog search isn’t going to well. And Dre pretty much gives up. But after a firm talking too from Bow about making sacrifices for his kids, he goes out and get a dog. He goes for the big vicious dog, but he’s scared of it. And all is well in the Johnson household once again. Except Jr, who has been reduced to lizard duty.