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King Crimson continues to make his dynamic introduction. Bruno tries several times to get the upper hand on King Crimson and manages to barely due so. Not so much that he is able to defeat King Crimson but instead to manage to escape with Trish.


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Here there are two more pieces of some of the worst BS yet to appear in JoJo, besides King Crimson himself, appeared here. First is the turtle that, somehow, Giorno is able to clone from Coco Jumbo and that also has the same stand that pulls King Crimson and the boss into its stand for a few moments. I did not remember disliking Golden Experience this much reading the manga but the constant deus ex is starting to really wear itself thin and I know some of the things that are in store in future episodes.


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Second is the way Bruno somehow is able to come back to life as a weird dead body zombie driven by his spirit but where he also isn’t alive. It is never appropriately explained how he is able to do so and, this might be controversial, but it is one of the things I wished was removed from the adaptation.


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King Crimson stops his pursuit based upon not wanting the rest of the gang to learn his identity. After this is the emotional heart of the whole part. Bruno and Giorno are going to take the boat, officially traitors to the gang, with all the dangers that come with that. Bruno then asks any of the other members of his squad if they wish to come with him to defeat the boss once and for all and continue to protect Trish but that he will not order anyone to do so. It must be their own choice. Abbacchio is surprisingly the first to join and is then followed by Mista.


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The group of four starts to sail away then with Fugo and Narancia left on the island. Fugo is dead set on not joining but Narancia struggles with. Finally he identifies himself with Trish, being abandoned by family, so he jumps into the water and swims after the boat where he is pulled up into it in an incredibly emotionally satisfying moment.  


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The last shot is a zoom out of Venice as two people talk on the phone about how they are now tasked with eliminating Bruno and Giorno.