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“Pigeons, Parrots and Storks”

When a 40 year-old-pretending to be 26-gets together with a guy in his late 20s, shenanigans and misunderstandings are bound to happen. With Liza and Josh, they are more “opposites attract” than soul mates. She’s a reader, he’s not. She’s pragmatic, he’s impulsive. She doesn’t want anymore kids, he wants them. And that’s the thematic thrust of last week’s episode: knowing your role and how it fits into a relationship.

Pregnancy Scare
After a particularly enthusiastic sexy-sexy session, Liza spies her contraceptive (a Nuvaring) being used as Maggie’s hair scrunchie (gross). With all parties seemingly freaked out, the minutes tick by and the test shows…‘not pregnant.’ Liza’s relieved, Maggie’s relieved for Liza and Josh is…disappointed. His body language, his facial expressions all show a yearning for something more. Something that Liza isn’t willing to provide.

Cohabitation and Closets
It’s been a boon seeing Diana get more screen time and learn about her quirks and home life. That being said, introducing Dr. Paul to her world and having him entrench himself into her home is a potential devastating even for her mental health. This guy is in the middle of a messy divorce, homeless (essentially) and just as emotionally needy as Diana. Not to mention the fact that Diana still has a massive crush on Charles, this could be a recipe for disaster.

Girlfriend vs. Editor
Kelsey had a hard time facing her grief over the loss of cheating fiancè, Chad. Her new boyfriend Colin has allowed her to chase her dreams and ambitions, while being a creative presence. His large book advance from a rival publishing house could’ve spelled disaster for the duo but they seem to have turned from that corner. The issue facing this couple is Kelsey’s role as his girlfriend who is also an editor. His current editor Pippa, felt a certain type of way when Kelsey’s handiwork covered the second draft of Colin’s book. There’s a showdown coming, of bookly proportions.

The hour long season finale will reveal some interesting and shocking things. Rock with TGON for the sensational ending.