"Younger" Ep. 511 (Airs 8/21/18)

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Last week, everyone went to Frankfurt and suddenly got very romantic & dramatic. The season finale is getting so close, so you just KNOW everything is about to explode, causing every plot point to give me severe anxiety.


Her imprint is killing it in Frankfurt, and she celebrates by hitting the bar hard. At the end of the night, she’s a lot tipsy and this douchey dude is being a little too handsy, so Zane goes up to him and straight up knocks him out! He then takes Kelsey home, and tucks her into bed. She’s all impressed by his gentlemanly behaviour the next morning, but honestly he was just being a decent human being…the bar is so low sometimes.

Honestly, she’s hot, he’s hot, they have crazy chemistry, they might as well stop playing games and get it on!

"Younger" Ep. 511 (Airs 8/21/18)

Courtesy of TVLand


With the help of guest star Martha Plimpton, Dianna gets back up on that stage and parties like it’s 1999, by dressing up as the emcee from Cabaret and singing Willkommen.


It’s glorious, makes you wonder why Dianna hasn’t been singing and dancing this whole time, and honestly reinforces that we stan a queen.

"Younger" Ep. 511 (Airs 8/21/18)

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Lieza, Fraudlein, other nickname that implies she has a secret…Homie cannot catch a break. As you’ll remember, Martha Plimpton’s character knows Liza from her past time at Random House, and has blackmailed her in the past.

Here though she seems uninterested in all that, making Liza a job offer because she finally cannot deny that Liza knows what she’s doing, and that she does appeal to the younger generation even though she’s been lying about her age. Liza seriously considers this offer for a couple reasons; the first being that she’s tired of making Kelsey lie & cover for her (some rude German lady at their press conference goes IN on how Liza looks old, making them spin like they’ve never spun before). The second is that she wants to be with Charles.

He tells her that he’s meeting with international investors because the company only has 3 months of operating expenses left (not something the CEO would divulge so easily but okay show) and that all he wants to do is kiss her and touch her and really BE with her; but he doesn’t want to make her go back on her word and resent him.

But if Liza works for Martha Plimpton, she can be with Charles openly, Kelsey no longer has to lie for her, and she no longer has to lie at all – IT SEEMS ALMOST TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, so I don’t know why she doesn’t question it more. Instead, she tells Charles all about this opportunity and he’s upset to lose her talents, but they do some sexy things and he’s like okay sure you’re released from your contract. (fire emoji, fire emoji, fire emoji, drool emoji, fan self emoji)

Hours later, as she’s leaving his room, MARTHA PLIMPTON is stumbling back into her room across the hall. WHY CAN’T WE HAVE NICE THINGS? WHAT IS SHE GOING TO DO?!

"Younger" Ep. 511 (Airs 8/21/18)

Courtesy of TVLand

Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)

As they’re checking out of the hotel, Liza stops Kelsey and tells her about her decision to leave Empirical. It’s a heartbreaking moment and honestly both Sutton & Hilary do some of their best work.

They have such a complicated and amazing friendship, which takes centre stage during this good-bye and RUINS ME.

I highly doubt Liza will go through with this, and I don’t buy for a second that Plimpton’s character isn’t going to blackmail us in some way, but at least for now we can all cry together.

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