‘We get bored in Space’ – Echo

But down here we don’t! As the most recent appearance at San Diego Comic Con by the cast of ‘The 100’ made clear. Series Creator Jason Rothenberg and Executive Producer Dean White were joined by cast members Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos, Lindsey Morgan, Richard Harmon and Chris Larkin. The panel revisited key episodes of Season 4, and looked at plot developments and the journey ahead for the dystopian drama….

  • Now that there is a countdown till the end of the planet, Earth is an Ark
  • Clarke will be more optimistic this season.
  • Octavia will take a dark turn this season which means more killing. She’s trying to fix the hole left by Lincoln’s death
  • Now that Raven is freed, she is like Raven 2.0. Stronger emotionally, physically, and mentally.
  • Rothenberg made sure we had an update on some of our favorite characters. Zach McGowan will be joining as a series regular. Indra is still alive but Octavia wants her dead. Luna will also be making a return this season.
  • During this season it will be very important to unite the Grounders and the Sky People. Clarke will become a large part of that.
  • Jasper wasn’t supposed to survive the Season 3 finale, but Rothenberg thought the scene was too dark.
  • Don’t get excited, Lexa isn’t coming back.
  • Taylor says it’s an ultimate honor to play such a strong female heroine.

Check out the official video that CW release in honor of San Diego Comic Con.