Phase 2 of the Provisional Hero Licensing Exam gets underway in episode 57 of My Hero Academia. The remaining 100 students are receiving their orders to head out into the field and rescue the paid actors from Help Us Company (H.U.C.).

Spoiler Alert! The following content will contain spoilers from My Hero Academia episode 57. 🚨 You have been warned 🚨!

But before the next round begins, there’s a 10-minute bathroom break. So, instead of preparing for what lies ahead, Minoru Mineta, Denki, and Sero decide to gossip about Camie Utsushimi being “naked” on the battlefield during part one.

Mineta and Denki immediately get on Deku’s case, wanting every perverted detail regarding the encounter. It’s a fun bit with a side of ecchi. Camie goes with the flow, almost encouraging what the boys are imagining happened between her and Midoriya.

During this time, Shiketsu High School class representative Nagamasa Mora wanders over to Class 1-A. He states he doesn’t want bad blood between the two academies and hopes they can work together in the future. He also apologizes for Seiji Shishikura behavior while inquiring if Bakugō was the one who took him down.

Two important things happen after this encounter (3 if you count Camie having fun flirting with Deku). The first happens when Todoroki flags down Inasa Yoarashi to ask him what his problem is. Most anime only fans assumed his beef is with U.A. but as it turns out, it’s directlyaimed at Todoroki because of his dad.

As Yoarashi states, “Your eyes are the same as Endeavor’s.” Wherever this anger and hatred stems from, I can’t wait to see where this rivalry is going.

The second important moment is when Ochaco begins feeling jealous over Camie flirting with Deku. While most anime stories would have her chasing down Midoriya like a pup in heat, Uraraka decides to put her feelings aside and focus all her effort into becoming a hero. I’m so happy to see the story going in this direction (sorry, not sorry shippers).

It’s about time a female character doesn’t rely on the male protagonist to solve her problems and help her become strong. Ochaco is more than capable of accomplishing her dreams through her own hard work and grit.

The remainder of episode 57 of My Hero Academia mostly focused on the abilities of the students when put in a position of rescuing bystanders. As it turns out, Class 1-A is way behind the other academies. With so much effort being put into strengthening Quirks and fighting off villains, they’ve had no time to practice rescuing others according to Hero standards. It’s funny because Deku not only loses points but could have led the class to ultimately failing if the H.U.C. actors hadn’t clued them into what they were doing wrong.

With Class 1-A learning their lesson, rescue operations begin. Everyone seems to be getting along decently, except for Bakugō. Which honestly, shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Just when we think the episode might be ending on a soft-note, Gang Orca comes bursting through the wall of the auditorium. Ranking in at #10, he declares the students will have to fight him and his crew while continuing to rescue the H.U.C. actors.

Orca is also noted as being ranked third in the class of “heroes who look like villains.” What I want to know is who’s ranked first and second?

Gang Orca was present during the League of Villain’s attack in Kamino Ward, to which Deku and Tenya notice their simulation rescue resembles the events of that night. Orca is no slouch and if he gets serious while fighting the students, things are going to get ugly fast.

Sadly, we’ll all have to wait another week before finding out what happens. This week’s episode is a one-shot, giving the story arc a break while having fun with the entire My Hero Academia cast.