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Cobra Kai 1×09: “Different But Same” Review

Daniel starts his day with espresso and toast, but Johnny shows up, angry. Daniel is unsure of what Johnny is talking about, but puts together that Louie did something to Johnny’s car. Amanda suggests that they resolve their issues over breakfast.

ready to rumble
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Sam greets Miguel after the PSAT. He says he was a little distracted, and blames it on the upcoming tournament. He asks what Sam did the night before. She says they had family dinner. Miguel says that he’d like to meet her family sometime, but Sam says tonight isn’t good for them. He leaves things with a weird vibe between the two of them.

Amanda attempts smalltalk with Johnny, asking him about his dojo. Johnny brings up that Daniel got his rent doubled. Everything spirals from there. Johnny even mentions the hit-and-run that Sam and her friends were involved in. Amanda convinces her husband to give Johnny a car from their trade-in lot to pay for Louie’s actions.

peacemaker amanda
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Yasmine leaves a rude comment about Aisha’s weight when Aisha posts a video of her breaking a board at Cobra Kai. She tells her friends that she needs revenge. On Yasmine’s story, Aisha sees she posted that she’s going to be having a party at the cannon. Aisha’s idea is to “strike first” stealing the party spot.

yasmines invite
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Daniel brings Johnny to his trade-in lot. Johnny is disappointed in the selection until he sees a Dodge Challenger. Daniel tries to find someone to take Johnny for a test drive, but no one else is available, so he has to accompany Johnny himself.

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Amanda asks her daughter about the hit-and-run, and Sam’s face can’t hide the truth. Although Yasmine was driving, Amanda grounds Sam, taking her phone, smart watch, and laptop.

grounded sam
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During the test drive, Johnny and Daniel both jam to REO Speedwagon. When Daniel sees his old apartment complex, he has Johnny stop the car. He reminisces about moving there, and Johnny remarks that his pool was twice as big. This brings up the subject of Sal, Johnny’s stepdad, who Johnny refers to negatively. Daniel realizes that Johnny’s upbringing was nothing as he had thought.

old apartment
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Miguel texts Sam non-stop, followed up by a call. Since Sam lost all forms of communication, she was never able to tell Miguel that she’s grounded. From his point of view, Sam is angry at him for how he acted earlier.

texting sam
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Robby shows up to train with Daniel, but Daniel’s still out with Johnny. Amanda tells Robby he can wait inside their house. While Amanda is distracted with Robby, Sam attempts to send a text to Miguel, explaining that she hasn’t had access to her phone. However, her mother catches her before she can send the message, and Amanda confiscates the phone once more. In front of Robby, Sam comments that she is a prisoner and needs to get out of this house.

robby shows up
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Johnny takes Daniel to the bar, and they talk about how their senseis were their father figures.

bar bonding
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When Yasmine and co arrive at the cannon, there’s already a party in full swing. Kyler sees Miguel and suggests they just have their party elsewhere rather than confront. Miguel, who still hasn’t heard from Sam, starts downing some beer.

stolen party
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Robby limps through the house, and tells Amanda that he hurt his ankle. She asks if he needs a ride home, but Robby notes how busy she is. Amanda calls for Sam, telling her to drive Robby home. Once the two of them are outside, Robby stops limping and says he’s breaking her out. He asks where they’re going to go, and she says her boyfriend is waiting for her at a party.

breaking free
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After sundown, Yasmine finally confronts Aisha. She says that they all remember who her and her freak friends were before Cobra Kai. In response, Aisha gives Yasmine a frontal wedgie, lifting her off the ground. Freaking ouch.

ow yasmine
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By the time Sam shows up, Miguel is completely wasted. Seeing Sam show up laughing with the guy from family dinner the other night doesn’t help matters. Miguel goes to shove Robby, but Sam gets in the way, and he accidentally knocks her down. She says her dad was right about Cobra Kai, and she leaves.

drunk miguel
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Right after Johnny and Daniel had made amends, the two arrive at Daniel’s dojo and see Robby. Johnny is confused, and Daniel says that he has a student too. Johnny instantly hits Daniel, blinded by anger. Robby steps between the two of them and tells his dad to back off. Johnny leaves, and Daniel asks Robby if this was just a sick mind game. He tells Robby to never come back to his house or dealership.

stay back dad
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