Source: BBC Doctor Who

Doctor Who Series 9 Episode 3

A well written and well pace third episodes that in my mind surpasses the The Magician’s Apprentice

. I loved the creepy tone and feel this episode gave us. It was a mix of sci-fi and 1980s horror. These elements reminded us that the great unknown is one of the many back bone to this show. The doctor facing a new monster and being sure is such a great direction and handle very well here.

The cast here did a great job in convincing me that we were in a throwback horror-Sci Fi film. They didn’t annoyed me or took me away from the creepy tone of the episode. I was surprise by the casting deaf actress who ended up being my favorite member of the crew. To be honest I’m hoping none of them died in the second half of this story.

The Doctor here I think was written much better than the last two episodes.For Clara I couldn’t help to think she didnt get much screen time but that could have been due to the large cast for this ep.

The ending did shock me and had me wanting more. Im very curious on what The doctor come cross before the flood. Also can we give props for the FX department? That and the great cinematography took this ep into another level.