We only have three more episodes of season two for 13 Reason’s Why and finally, we are able to get a peek inside the main antagonist’s head— Bryce Walker.

Bryce takes the stand


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Bryce finally takes the stand and he shares his side of how things happen.  Hannah Baker came on to him.  She was endlessly pursuing him. They spent time overlooking the river and a bridge.  They were in the clubhouse together.  On and on.

What was troublesome about his testimony, is that we weren’t able to discern what is accurate and what statement is a lie.  He sold it well and even though we know Bryce Walker is guilty of the rape, some of the other stories felt real.  Bryce testifies that Hannah wanted him and that he was just casually having sex with her to past time. He also touched on the fact that she had told him that she thought of jumping off the bridge.  He even had a flashback to the time when he was in the clubhouse with Hannah.

Near the end of the episode Bryce is sitting in a study thinking back on what happened and we see what really happened.  He basically replaced Hannah for himself.  He was the one that thought of jumping off the bridge.  He was the one that pursued her and wanted her.  He forced himself on her.

While he’s thinking through the truth, his mom walks in and questions what really happened. Bryce responds to his mom in a sarcastic tone detailing exactly what happened and then says at the end, “Is that what you want to hear mom?”  What a troubled soul.  He is truly a monster and we can only hope that he will pay for what he’s done.

Chloe’s story


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Chloe’s pictures have been identified for a couple of episodes now.   After Bryce’s testimony, Clay and Justin’s desperation leads them to turn their attention towards Chloe.  They have the pictures showing her being raped and the illicit the help of Jessica (along with Nina’s picture in the clubhouse).

Jess isn’t sure about it and fights for Chloe, saying it’ll wreck her if they tell Chloe what happened, but eventually, she agrees and shows Chloe the pictures.  It’s obvious that Chloe didn’t know what happened so Jessica pushes a little harder and gets her to agree to meet with the prosecutor.  While meeting with them, she agrees to go on the record about what happened to her and face the fact that Bryce Walker is a monster.

We feel a sense of relief as justice will finally be served, but we still have two more episodes in the season after this one.

You guessed it, Chloe isn’t able to go through with it and defends Bryce.  She states that she knew what was happening and that she wanted to have sex with him.  The plans of Clay and Justin are foiled once again.

Clay’s torment


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Clay continues to be tormented by the presence of Hannah.  He wonders if what Bryce said was the truth and the ghost of Hannah doesn’t give him any answers.  Hannah starts to repeat back tape 12 to Clay; her story of the rape.

When Bryce comes back to campus after testifying, words are exchanged and the entire male cast get’s in a huge fight (including the baseball coach and Mr. Porter). They are all sent to detention and when they are set free, Clay goes to his car and finds that the box of pictures was stolen out of his car.

He heads to listen to Chloe’s testimony and after the trial, he’s frustrated by the continual betrayal of Hannah and the truth.  Tyler comes by and invites him to go let off some steam.  The two boys head to the forest to shoot.  Shot by shot, Clay starts to really enjoy the gun, but their time is cut short when the cops show up.  Both boys take off in different directions and while Clay is walking, he concocts a plan. He makes his way to Bryce’s house; gun in hand.  Will justice finally be paid?

Justin shows up and attempts to stop Clay from killing Bryce.  Justin tells Clay that Jessica gave him permission to testify.  Bryce opens the door and we are left with tension building; will he pull the trigger or will Justin stop it?

Other Storylines


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  • Throughout the episode, Alex’s memories begin to become clear. He remembers the day of the rape and was in at Bryce’s house playing games as Bryce was raping Hannah.  He even heard the event taking place but didn’t do anything.   Later, Alex is busy cleaning up the drug store with one of the pharmacists when he is notified that a package was left for him.  He opens it up and finds a gun with a note that says “How can you live with yourself?”
  • Jessica has seen the picture of Nina, so she gives it to Nina to do with as she pleases. Nina admits that Jessica was right to call her out in the previous episode and that she is still messed up from the rape.
  • Porter and Olivia lead the cops to the clubhouse, but someone was a step ahead of them and when they open the door it looks like a typical storage shed with various sports equipment littered around
  • Mackenzie talks to Tyler and apologizes that word got out about his premature ejaculation during the movie. She told a friend to get advice, but that friend told others, which lead to hazing at the school.  Cyrus tells Mackenzie to not talk to Tyler. Tyler tries to make amends with Cyrus but that clearly won’t be happening.  After he goes shooting with Clay, he ends up at school.  He goes onto Facebook and posts the pictures of Cyrus and himself vandalizing the baseball field.  Shit is going down.