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Last week we were introduced to Gary Space and his imprisonment aboard the Galaxy One. We were also introduced to his awesome sidekick, the planet destroyer, Mooncake and his prisoner? partner? Avocato. The big bad, the small in stature Lord Commander, was also in the episode laying down the evil and showing off some of his powers. There can only be craziness and violence ahead for Gary and the gang so let’s get to episode 2.

The episode begins the same as the last episode with Gary floating in space among wreckage. Him and HUE have a conversation about what they would do with the if they had 8 minutes to live, with HUE saying he would transfer his AI into a corporeal being so he can see Paris and Gary saying doing anything with Quinn. HUE apologizes for things turning out this way and Gary responds with “crap happens”.

After the intro, the Galaxy One is in the Ruxx Cluster in Sector 4326. The ship is being repaired while a drone from the bounty hunter that followed them

sneaks in through a hole in the hull. Gary is playing cards with Avocato, who is still in handcuffs. The drone happens upon on Mooncake and scans him. HUE alerts that an authorized scan has been detected and Gary destroys the drone by smashing it with KEVN. The bounty hunter, a Ventrixian named Turk, goes to alert the Lord Commander that he has located Mooncake. Avocato explains to Gary what will happen if the Lord Commander catches them they will be tortured. Avocato says they can stop Turk together, but Gary doesn’t trust him due to the fact the he tried to kill Gary. Gary will only trust Avocato if they clasp their hands together, which he says is the next step since they have already played recreational cards together. However they don’t have to get “balls to the walls” naked to clasp because Gary is more of a progressive.

Gary and Avocato go to get on a ship to leave the Galaxy One, but HUE wants to ensure Gary will actually come back. So he does the only thing that makes sense and injects Gary with a serum that will make his brain explode if he is not back on the Galaxy One in 5 hours. Gary and Avocato arrive at Tera Con Prime. Avocato tells Gary that they don’t take kindly to homo sapiens and that they need to get him identification papers, if he doesn’t he will be liquified. Gary stops to get street meat and the guard asks the vendor for his papers. The vendor takes off running and the guard liquifies him, prompting Gary to realize he does in fact need papers. Back on the Galaxy One a mysterious figure lands on the ship as KEVN shows Mooncake the hanger bay, causing them to flee. Avocato and Gary visit an alien named Clarence looking for papers. He says papers aren’t cheap but Avocato reminds him that he saved his life. Clarence gives Gary the skin of a dead Hooplar. Gary gets in the skin, which he says feels like a pair of wet, warm house slippers.

Back on Earth Quinn investigates a ship crash. She finds out the gravitational constant is shifting and realizes this can tear the universe apart. Avocato and Gary find Turk, with Turk kicking Gary off a ledge, and Avocato learns his son, Littlecato, is being held at the same stong hold. Avocato then liquifies Turk before running off to find his son. Gary lands on a conveyer belt, where a robot identifies him as Melanie Dewinter and send him to her home. Her family is surprised and overjoyed that she is back and Gary can’t bring himself to tell them. Avocato finds Littlecato but it’s a trap set by the Lord Commander. Avocato is taken to the Lord Commander while Gary (Melanie Dewinter) is being fought over by the children over who loves mommy more.The skin rips revealing Gary, killing Melanie all over again. Gary see Avocato being taken prisoner and remember the clasp of friends. With only two hours until his brain explodes, he goes to save Avocato.

Back on Earth, Quinn tries to convince her superiors that they are all in danger and the universe is going to end. They all shut her down and tell her that the crash was caused by human errors. She calls them all idiots and storms out. The intruder continues going through the ship with HUE trying to stop him or her, but is eventually overwritten and shut down. Back on Terra Con Prime, the Lord Commander interrogates Avocato as Gary walks in telling him about the day he had. The Lord Commander introduces himself to Gary, calling him The Gary. He starts to torture Gary to find out where Mooncake is. Avocato runs out but Gary reminds him of the clasp of friends and Avocato runs back in to save him. However, in the process Gary’s arm is ripped off while his blood blinds the Lord Commander. Gary and Avocato escape Terra Con Prime by shear luck, and try to contact HUE to come get them. On Earth, Quinn steals a ship because she refuses to sit around while her superiors dwiddle their weiners.

Back on the Galaxy One, the intruder puts a device in KEVN saying he wills save the Galaxy One some day. The intruder is shown to be Quinn (from the future?) but calls herself NightFall. She tells Mooncake not to let Gary die because of him. She then disables the override she had on HUE. HUE then answers Gary and Avocato’s distress call and picks them up. Gary tells HUE to get the serum out of his head so it doesn’t explode, but HUE informs him that it was his form of a sense of humor. Avocato puts a robotic arm on Gary as they talk about friendship. Ending the surgery with a clasp of friends vowing to get Avocato’s son back and to protect Mooncake at all costs.

This episode starts to expand the universe of Final Space. We see another planet and the hold the Lord Commander has on some of the Universe. It makes you wonder how big this can be. We also see that the Lord Commander seems to know what is going on every where. There has only been a glimpse of his powers, but they seem to be pretty vast. It makes me wonder if he is unstoppable. This is also an episode for development of characters. Avocato’s purpose is revealed (getting his son back) and he IS going to be Gary’s partner in crime. We are introduced to the strange NightFall, which makes me thing time travel will be involved at some point. The universe can only get bigger from here and I hope we get to see more worlds and see how much of an iron grip the Lord Commander has on it. The first two episodes have been very enjoyable and the show can only get stronger with more character development and seeing more of this universe that Olan Rogers and crew have come up with. If anything is taken away from this episode it’s that we now know that the clasp of friendship is incredibly strong, so go find someone to clasp with today.