Netflix keeps churning out the TV Shows and Insatiable is the most recent to hit the site.  The trailer was released and people did not take it lightly.  The controversy surrounding it has been loud and people may have a point.  The review is about the show as a whole after a few days of binge watching it.

The show starts with a girl, Patty, who is overweight and gets fat-shamed in high school, an event leads her to lose 70 pounds- and get a lawyer, Bob.  The lawyer happens to be a beauty coach and wants her to be his next contestant.  The story follows along as Patty figures out her new life of being thin and the way she is now treated while trying to deal with the rage she feels towards the people who were once mean to her.

Patty does not know her father and her mother is not in the picture too often, she clings to Bob as a father figure and wants all of his attention.  Meanwhile, Bob has his own family and issues that he has to deal with on account that his family is not supportive of his side gig beauty coaching.

The show definitely does not go in the direction you think it will.  Every episode was its own issue.  Each character in the show deals with new things and has to figure themselves out.  The show kept things interesting with it being like a car wreck, you just can’t look away from.  You feel bad for Patty and then you hate her.  The show is worth watching to see where things will go.