Welcome back to The Resident! It has been a little bit since we last saw each other, but let us go ahead and dive right back in! The series begins with Nic and Conrad clearly got back together. That’s good. A thunderstorm lights up the background as they share a shower together.

Mina seems to have two admirers. Micah and AJ both seem to show affection towards Mina in their own way. Micah buying her flowers while AJ lets her lead the surgery on a premature baby Mabel, born 12 weeks early with her twin brother Matt. Sounds really romantic, I am sure, but with Mina’s love of surgery, it is a sign of attraction. I am not sure which one I hope will win her heart, as there is a lot of give and take for both options. The parents of the premature twins are both having medical issues, the wife having a lost some blood during birth, and the father had an increase in heart beat.

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The news talks about Hunter Lane’s arrest and 1 charge of murder and 12 cases of fraud for unnecessary chemo treatment. Bell is clearly affected, staring into space, almost like he is in a daze. In case you do not remember, Lane is the main reason Dr. Bell got his job as a CEO, nad makes you question just why he got the job. As the power fails, you can see he is becoming overwhelmed up until the moment someone calls him Mr. Bell. Instantly, it is like he wakes up, and begins to start organizing the hospital, leading it the best way he can. Only one person, Albert, voices opposition. Still, as Conrad enters the meeting, instead of disregarding Hawkins advice, Bell begins to evacuate patients to save lives verses saves money. Seems he grew a heart!

Nic gets to face the patient’s older sister asking for a doctor, as if asking for a second opinion from a Doctor, clearly not trusting Nic’s opinion as a nurse. Luckily, Nic is tough as nails, and as the power fails, she takes charge, writing down all the patients information until the power comes on, making sure all allergies and little quirks are noted so no one is running blind. The patient’s sister is still quite annoyed her sister has yet to be visited by a doctor, but Nic explains she is a nurse practitioner, and does everything a doctor does, just with better bedside manor. The sister tracks Nic down to apologize, but Nic truly understands, having been worried about her sister last season before her arrest.

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AJ and Mina dive into the surgery of Mabel’s heart, which is the size of a walnut. Then, the power goes out. They are stuck in the OR, with the back up generators. AJ asks one of the nurses to set a timer for 40 minutes, and it seems he believes that is all they have left until the generators fail. Mina is nervous, but AJ snaps her back into focus.

Irving is here with Jessica! I am bummed they are stuck in an elevator, but they still supply the comedy side of the issue with ease. I am so glad they returned him for this season, as with the series is somewhat serious….and now we have cyber pirates… Where did this come from? I did have to research to see if cyber pirates could actually affect the power grid. It’s true, most are from Russia.

Even though they are at capacity, Conrad decides to accept one last patient, because there is no way they can make it to the next hospital. Even though the OR is closed, Conrad uses his military training to build a sterile triage center for emergency, using the lights from the fire trucks. The kid, an 8 year old who was gunned down, begins to stabilize as a trauma doctor finally enters the situation, and they begin to try and save a kid’s life. Of course, Dr. Bell enters, threatening them with firing, asking who’s at fault. But, he then offers to help, much to everyone’s shock. Conrad pulls him aside, and mentions how here, he can save one life, or at command center, he is saving many lives.

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And it is not outside, it is from inside that the cyber attack is happening. It seems the patient from earlier, that had issues with Nic running her sister’s care, is actually hacking into the hospital. It seems she meant to only focus on billing, and did not realize it was taking out the power. She, of course, feels bad, and wants to try and help. Nic and Conrad go against Dr. Bell, and ask for leniency. It seems he agrees, as he nods and walks away.

Mabel’s father, the one who had an increase in heart rate, is found passed out in the stairwell, since the elevators are down. They decide to send the father to the helipad for emergency transport. Suddenly, Devon notices an itch, and decides to keep him, and treat him for anaphylaxis shock. The power does fail like AJ predicted, but the team is prepped and ready, one nurse acting as a manual crank for her blood. Luckily, the surgery was a success, and the little family gets to stay together in one hospital room. They put Matt and Mabel together, and both drift off to sleep, quietly.

Of course it would be too easy if everything ended that way. No, Rudolph Bell fires his IT and secretary and then calls the surgeon, the one who saved the 8 year old’s life in emergency surgery, who was the first to cut, and who was in the ER with them. Seems the quiet, subdued Bell is gone, and the cutthroat man has returns. Just whose blood will be drawn in the next few episodes? We will find out next time! Until then, stay shiny!