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Henry Ian Cusick as Marcus Kane. Photo courtesy of KSiteTV.

**This article contains spoilers for “Damocles Part One” and events that happened in prior episodes.**

“…I’m just so tired of having to chose the least…the least bad option.”

I really didn’t think that Octavia was going to make it out of that moment alive.  Finally realizing that she broke her people, and just in general what she has done, she makes the decision of sacrificing her life to save Gaia’s. As she runs out guns blazing, death’s grasp is blocked by the sudden arrival of Echo and Company. It would seem that the show wants to steer Octavia towards redemption—and that’s a hard task at this point. Honestly, I felt that her flip came in a rather forced and unnatural way. The Octavia that we’ve been watching would not hesitate and rethink things—even after watching most of her people die. It’s not a bad direction to go with Octavia, I just we got more subtle hints more often that she was on the brink of snapping out of it.

There were some great scenes in The Gorge, as Octavia and Bellamy both had to play dead in order to survive. The whole sequence was just pure anxious fun, only made better by the dilemma the two of them ran into during their escape plan: Indra. Indra—very much alive—was found protecting her daughter who is not doing so well. It’s here where Octavia’s gears started turning, and realizing what she had done. Her moment with Bellamy was haunting, as he admitted that he did want her dead. Having them all have the big I told you so moment to Octavia was also highly satisfying.

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Lola Flanery as Madi (left) and Eliza Taylor as Clarke (right). Photo courtesy of KSiteTV.

Separate from the action surrounding Octavia, the show continued to excel at developing Maddie. She is truly an intriguing character to watch, and that continued as she actively worked against Clarke so that she could go save Octavia and her people. I always get chills down my spine when Maddie stands so unnervingly confident and informed, especially as she is just a kid. Seeing her take a stand against Clarke was extremely fulfilling to watch—especially as most of the audience is likely on her side.

In my mind, Clarke is blinded by her love for Maddie—a point that was made clear in this episode. She would do whatever it took to protect Maddie. I mean Clarke strapped a shock collar on her own daughter so that she would listen. I cringed alongside Clarke as she activated that trigger. It wasn’t until some further coaxing—some of it by force—that Clarke realized that she had to let Maddie go down this path. It marks a powerful decision for Clarke. Being able to let go of Maddie is something she has been unable to do all season. Finally though, she was shown reason. She triumphed over those intense needs to shelter Maddie. Maddie has the flame now, and Octavia and her people need her.

Last, but certainly least, we have to talk about Kane. His betrayal led to the deaths of dozens, if not hundreds of people. All to keep Octavia out. yet McCreary still went against Kane, making his hard choice matter much less in the grand scheme of things. Kane’s struggle with having to always chose the least bad choice was extremely compelling, and an awesome focal point for the character. It was really icing on the cake at that point that Kane and Abbey had their reunion—which led to Abbey killing Vincent extremely brutally in order to save his life. I will say that I do think that they chose an odd point in the season to payoff the entire arc with Vincent. His turn came out of left field (yes I know he’s a psychopath), and it’s hard not to feel it was simply included to place Kane in peril and give Abbey a chance to save him.

Overall, The 100 started their fifth season finale in a strong manner. Tensions are high across the board, and the breakneck pace hasn’t stopped—even if some of the plot points along the way felt artificially included. I love how each finale of this show puts the characters in impossible situations, with complete unpredictability as to how they can get out the other end. The same can easily be said for this finale, and I can’t wait to know how the writer’s will advance the show from here.

Bonus Notes:

  • there is nothing wrong with Shaw and Raven. They have good chemistry, and for the most part their connection was built subtly and at slow pace. At the end of the day however, I do think they could have used a little more before their big kiss.
  • While I didn’t get to mention it above, it was great to see Abbey finally triumph over her addiction issues.
  • The entire sequence with Clarke up against Raven, Shaw, and Echo was executed extremely well.
  • I’m happy to finally see some of a WonKru finally turning against Octavia. It’s about damn time really.






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