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Fans of Adam Reed’s Archer already had an idea of where the cast of the FXX show was heading after a literally fiery conclusion to Archer: Danger Island. The distinctly futuristic set took several pages out of Ridley Scott’s playbook from Aliens, and it was a pretty solid bet that the next installment in the anthology stylization of the characters fans know and love would be heading to space.

The full cast was present for SDCC 2018, revealing tidbits on what to expect from Archer: 1999. Lucky Yates, clad in a Crackers the Parrot costume, was basking in the entire casts’ enthusiasm for the new direction. Robot sex, alien sex, regular sex, and the return of a character many fans missed during Danger Island. That’s right, everyone’s favorite psychopathic cyborg killer Barry will be returning as a space bounty hunter (which is just a regular bounty hunter, but in space), named Barry 6.

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While a lot of fans are growing tired of the series’ departure from the adventures in espionage, Executive Producer Casey Willis promises that Adam Reed has had a plan since the beginning of Archer’s coma at the end of season 7.


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With no shortage in fan theories (and a good bit of rage) as far as Archer: 1999 goes, it remains to be seen if we’ll ever come back to the regular plotline of Archer. For fans of genre comedy, however, Archer: 1999 is sure to bring the party.

Whether the more opinionated fans show up is another matter, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping the enthusiasm of the cast, crew and diehard fans. With Archer and Lana co-captaining the USS Figgis, there’s sure to be a lot of the chemistry fans came to love with the first few seasons.

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Loose rumors of a movie were addressed by Executive Producer Matt Thompson, who let fans know that if it did happen, it would be live action. Whether that blossoms into a big-screen experience is out in orbit, but at the very least, Archer: 1999 is coming to a star system near you before you know it.