*Spoiler warning for season 5, episode 11.

Liv on iZombie

Liv on iZombie. Photo courtesy of the CW, screenshot by Linda Maleh.

This episode picks up right where the last one left off, with Liv and Ravi discovering the cage full of Romero zombies that Martin has in his basement. When they hear Martin coming down the stairs, they go through the cage full of zombies and escape out a window. Though Martin doesn’t see them, he realizes that someone’s been there. Quite a way to start off the episode.

The murder victim this episode is a drag queen named Mike (Ari Cohen). He got strangled by his own string of pearls. Drag queen Liv is a delight, with all the sass, shade, and style. Apparently, Mike’s business partner Gary (Tod Sherry), had sold him his share of the drag bar they co-owned some years back. Liv and Clive get stuck on a red herring for a while, thinking that the culprit is a rival drag queen named Bitchkraft (Lyle Lettau), who wanted to buy they bar but had been refused.

By a vision of a certain wig, and an examination of the all the drag queens dressed as Cher that night, Liv and Clive figure out that it was Gary who killed Mike. Apparently Gary found out that Mike had been planning to sell the bar to some developers who were going to turn it into a parking lot. To stop that from happening, Gary dressed up as Cher to fly under the radar and killed Mike.

After Ravi sends the Utopium he stole from Martin to Charlie at the CDC, he turns his attention to the Freylich kids. Liv witnesses a beautiful woman being escorted into the police station. Apparently the older married man she’d been seeing had just eaten a Freylich brain before his wife killed him (for cheating, of course). It looks like the guy didn’t obtain the brain himself though, but it was his mistress, Clarissa (Ashley Roxburgh), with the connection. Clarissa was looking for a way out of the city. To draw her out, Ravi enlists Major to be bait.

It works. Major and Clarissa “just happen” to meet, and Major talks about how tough it is to be a zombie and the head of Filmore Graves. It doesn’t take long for Clarissa to offer to get him one of the Freylich brains in exchange for her freedom from Seattle. Major puts a tracker on her, and he and Ravi follow her to an abandoned warehouse. While staying behind as a lookout, Ravi finds a trailer-full of Freylich kids. He and Major escape with them – a major win for team Liv, and a nice change for Major, who’s been stuck being the over-burdened leader all season.

A loss for team-Liv however, is Martin’s inside mole in the Renegade operation, Riley (Kaylah Zander), finally begins to carry out her mission. She smuggles three woman, who supposedly need to donate bone marrow to their mother, out of the city. They’re really assassins. The four women arrive at a brothel and kill all of the prostitutes there. Then they take their places, awaiting word from Martin to spread the zombie virus to every man who comes through that door. More on this in a bit.

Blaine is pissed when he hears his smugglers lost the Freylich kids. Looking for alternative streams of revenue, he finds out that Don E. now owns the contracts with Filmore Graves to keep smuggling brains into the city. Pissed at Don E.’s betrayal, Blaine kills Don E.’s bride Darcy (Valerie Tian), and on their wedding day no less. Blaine makes it look like she passed on from natural causes, however (she did have a terminal disease), which means that he’s playing the long game to get back at Don E.

Okay, back to the Martin is trying to help zombies take over the world storyline. After Riley completes her mission, there’s no reason to keep blackmailing Graham (Dejan Loyola) – the tutor Liv hired – by keeping his boyfriend hostage. Martin wants to let the hostage go, but Enzo (John Emmet Tracy) accuses Martin of Liv influencing him to go soft, so Martin tells Enzo to kill him instead. When Graham finds out that they killed his boyfriend even after he did everything they asked, he tells Liv everything, who quickly realizes that her father is behind it.

Liv quickly video-chats Martin, and pleads with him not to go through his plan for zombie domination, at which point he reveals to her his twisted ideology. Enzo walks in and tells Martin that multiple parts of their plan need the go-order from him, but Martin dawdles, unable to put it all into motion. I guess Liv has influenced him. When Martin continues to stall, Enzo kills him, all while Liv watches from the video chat.

This episode was a breath of fresh air what with the drag queen story line, and Ravi and Major on their adventure to save the Freylich kids. With only a couple of episodes left, we’re in the end-game now. I have to assume the series is going to end with the CDC being able to mass-produce the cure, but who knows? This show has never done the predictable thing before.