At the end of episode 8 we saw Sam and Gabe get interrupted by Joelle who had a concerned face and notified Sam that she needed to return home immediately. I was a little upset that she had barged in on their secret make up session, but I knew by the look on her face that it was serious. I hope that after the emergency Sam and Gabe can continue to counsel each other and possibly get back together. I get that it would take awhile for Sam to ever trust Gabe gain, but it would be worth a try to reconnect the love she has for him again. Plus, Joelle and Gabe have become great friends during the time they were not speaking to each other. I know that Gabe did some things out of spite, but I know that he will always have a special place for her in his heart. I think a lot of Sam’s problems come from her holding on to so many things that hurt her and make her angry. Holding on to those things caused her to push a lot of people out of her corner including her family members. Nevertheless, she has turned her pain into power and that is something she should be credited for. Hopefully her power will turn into much more than a radio show.

In this episode we found out that the email Sam received that she hoped was fake actually turned into her worst reality. She had to return home to attend her father’s funeral. As devastating as it can be to loose someone who raised you, Sam didn’t show much of her emotions in front of her friends which kinda concerned me. In my head I’m screaming “GIRL YOUR FATHER JUST DIED, WHERE ARE THE TEARS?”. But, one thing I have realized over the years is that everyone has a different way of grieving. Someone will probably judge you because you aren’t sobbing up a river, but it isn’t our place to tell someone else how to grieve. I’m a lot like Sam when it comes to showing my emotions sometimes ( Just sometimes though). I really don’t like to feel weak in front of others, but I’m extremely emotional with a tender heart so its kinda hard to hold it all in. I’ve went to funerals and promised myself that I wouldn’t soak my blouse with tears, but all that did was created a headache. I feel like when we try to hold our feelings in, we are imprisoning and judging ourselves before anyone else can. I know now that it’s not about looking or feeling weak in front of others, it’s about freeing yourself from the pain. In this case Sam has only made things worse for herself just from bottling up everything.

Luckily, Sam’s good friends Joelle and Coco wouldn’t let her travel home alone. Coco wanted to join because she said that Sam’s father was like a dad to her as well. Gabe sent all three of the girls off in a rental with plenty of water. I thought it was cute how he went the extra mile to make Sam feel comforted. The road trip home wasn’t an easy one, but luckily a little car karaoke was able to lighten the mood up. Sam had to literally prep her friends to meet her family (I feel like every person with a crazy family has to do this). I am one of those people had to experience this plenty of times, but m family is way more crazier than Sam’s. Her family was very loving and accepting of her and her friends so I felt like her mom and dad raised her well. Before arriving home she expressed to her friends how she didn’t want her family members crying all over her and asking is she is okay. I was a little confused why she would see an issue for her family to do that, but that’s just Samantha White for ya. Sam became more angry when she realized that her mother didn’t inform her about her father being hospitalized twice. She thought that her mother took away the opportunity for her to say farewell or hear his last words.

Instantly I knew that Sam was more angry with herself than anybody else. Her father was dedicated to creating a great life for her and her mother as well as those who was missing a father figure in their life. I believe her father understood her more than anyone else in her life and that’s why it was hard to accept the fact that he is no longer living. Sam was also mad with herself because she felt guilty for all of the times she treated her father poorly. He was always there to guide her through and hard times she faced and as she got older Sam acted as if she didn’t need him anymore. The last time Sam spoke to her father, was when she was focusing on her twitter battle with AltIvyW. That wasn’t even a real conversation because before he could get more than two sentences out she hung up on him. From her actions, I can she why she would feel bad. This taught me to appreciate the people that I have in my life and to never hold on to grudges because you will never know when you won’t be able to see your loved ones ever again. Say I love you every chance you get. If I knew that I treated someone poorly before their death I would be pretty angry with myself too. Sam’s tough spirit led her to eventually break down in front of her friends which was something she was trying to avoid doing the entire trip. During her time of searching through her father’s personal items, she found a letter that her father written for her because he knew that she wouldn’t be able to do it herself. The letter really brought out the greatness that was in her father and that will continue to live through Sam. He had forgiven Sam and expressed his love through his sense of humor and sympathy. When Sam read the letter at his funeral it was like he was talking through her. In many ways Sam is like her father and that’s what made her sad the most. A father and daughter bond is a bond that can’t compare to no other. Sam is left to use her father’s lessons on her own, but I know she will continue to make him proud.