We open to Owen and Nancy getting frisky. Then it was Nick. What? Then nobody was there and a panel under the stairs opened. And everything was jumping. Then Nancy woke up.

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Nancy went to go see her Dad finally. He told her to drop trying to get him acquitted. We all know that isn’t gonna happen. The Claw is going on the market for sale which George isn’t happy about. Nancy goes to Mr. Hudson to try and get him to have her dad released. His terms are to find out what Owen has to prove he killed the people on the Bonny Scot and he will do as asked. Lucy shows Nancy a picture in the Hudson home. Bess shows Lisbeth her home. Where she tells Bess to be herself. Bess then helps Nancy track down Owen who introduces them to the Bonny Scot’s sole survivor.

They speak with the sole survivor and he reluctantly told them what happened. When Nancy asks about water damage he throws them out. George tells Nick about the state of the Claw. Every time Nancy gets to the Claw today she leaves right away. The second time she took Bess. This time she took Nick. The get back to the survivor’s place only to find him kind of sort of on the Bonny Scot. Nancy did tell Nick what Mr. Hudson wants.

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Nancy goes back to the Hudson’s while Owen, his aunt, and Bess are there. She tells Mr. Hudson of the survivor. He takes her into his office and wires her two million dollars. The account he actually sends it to is the authorities. Who promptly come in and arrest him. The party at the Claw is popping! Unfortunately, it is being sold even though the party promises future success.

Who is buying the Claw? Could it be Nick? He has all that money… What will happen with Mr. Hudson? Let me know what you think about the buyer of the Claw in the comments below. Til next week…