“Scorpion” is back, and this time it’s here to stay until the end of the season! The last episode focused a lot of Quintis with a smidge of Fly tossed in (which reminds me: we need to find a better ship name for Florence and Sly). After being held hostage during a bank robbery, Toby was lucky to get his “boys” to the doctor’s office in time to begin IVF treatment for him and Happy. Happy was, understandably, scared of not being good enough to be a mother. Every inconvenience indicated a “sign” in her mind that she isn’t destined to have a child, and it looked like she might get cold feet. But when it came down to it, she and Toby happily sent the doctor on her way to get the ball rolling. And all seemed to be going well!

In the trailer below, I noticed that Happy is off the case — at least, she’s working remotely rather than being in the field Walter, Paige and Toby. This really doesn’t seem like something she would willingly do, so it leads me to question if this episode will reveal her pregnancy. Even if it’s too soon to tell, I wouldn’t put it past Toby to force her onto light duty because she’s carrying precious cargo at the moment. Either way, there’s going to be a weird dynamic going on!

In other news, it’s also going to be hilarious to see Cabe drugged up as the team tries to handle an alligator. These plotlines are getting more ridiculous each week. I’m digging this one!

“Scorpion” airs tonight on CBS at 10/9c. Tune in, pull out your phone and load up Twitter to let me know what you think of the episode!