When I started my gaming career I was about six-years-old. I started off playing Yoshi’s Story and would eventually move on to more challenging titles such as the God of War series and Dante’s Inferno. However, no matter how old I get, I always have a soft spot in my heart for Harvest Moon and other games like it. This is why, when I was perusing Kickstarter, I stopped in my tracks when my eyes laid upon Farm Folks.

farm folks

Source: Farm Folks Kickstarter


Since the birth of Stardew Valley, I have uncovered a plethora of different farming simulators, but not all of them have been as intriguing as Farm Folks. The story is reminiscent of other titles like it although there are a few twists. The farmer’s brother gifts them a boat and they ship off leaving their old life behind, when a terrible storm leaves them shipwrecked on Softshoal Island. The comically fashion forward Mayor Snodgrass gives the farmer a parcel of land and the journey of a lifetime truly begins.


Source: Farm Folks Kickstarter

If Zelda Wind Waker and Harvest Moon: Light of Hope had a love child, it would be this game. The graphics are fun and animated without losing its integrity, while the music is whimsical and childlike. The trailer began with happy sheep bleating in the distance and allowed viewers to really get a taste for what Farm Folks is all about. There was farming, animal raising, mining, fishing, and making friends with the locals. All while the seasons changed from a bright happy summer, to a silent yet beautiful snowy winter.

tilling farm folks

One complaint that is often made of games similar to Farm Folks is the lack of customization of the character. However, fear not because not only can you change the character’s clothing, that does look eerily similar to a Hero’s Tunic, but also the hair color and style as well. Another amazing addition is the sheer amount of in-game holidays boasted in the Kickstarter. Each holiday comes with its own set of traditions that fellow villagers enjoy thoroughly. Finally, our beloved farmer will also be able to find an individual to share the rest of their life with, which is always the best part of any farming simulator.

unicorn cow

Source: Farm Folks Kickstarter

As far as I am concerned, every farming simulator deserves a special place in my heart and Farm Folks is no exception. I look forward to seeing the finished product and desperately hope the fishing aspect is easier than in Stardew Valley. The one aspect I am looking forward to the most? Two words, unicorn cows. I mean look at them, they are the cutest things in the galaxy. Overall, farmers everywhere will lay down their sickles and pick up a controller to play Farm Folks.

Farmers everywhere will be able to enjoy Farm Folks on Windows, Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo upon completion of the game if enough funds are generated.