Hey everyone! So, it’s been a minute since I last talked to all of you about a retro-console based game. I’m sure you all know this game, but full disclosure I wanted to talk your ear off about it anyway. Because it’s amazing that’s why!

Super Mario 64 was and is one of the earliest games with amazing graphics. It implements a 3D-like interface that seems (Or seemed, for it’s time) Almost flawless. It’s a perfect example of why the retro age of gaming was so pivotal to gaming as a whole. This game demonstrated not only an entertaining storyline that literally has you hooked for hours, even when you know what’s going to happen, but a system of controls that not many games implemented.
What I mean here is that…back in the day when we were all youngins’, older games didn’t quite involve the use of every single button on the controller. It varied. Sometimes you’d only have to use the A and B buttons and control stick. Sometimes you’d use mostly the triggers, or the C-Pad. But, like Starfox 64, this game had a use for every button on the controller.
To top it off, the story line for Super Mario 64 is brilliant. Before you even start the game, it gives you loads of entertainment! Who remembers this tell-tale start menu?!


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It basically goes like this: You, as Mario, have been sent a letter by Princess Peach. She invites you over to her castle to enjoy a cake she baked, and probably to do whatever Princess Peaches and Marios do when they’re alone together and of course with the promise of that…(Mostly the food here, people. That’s what we’re all about in Super Mario land.) you head right over!

But all isn’t well in the Castle. Something is amiss. Once you get used to the controls and actually enter the castle, you get a message from Bowser. He’s captured the princess and they’re hiding out somewhere in the palace! There’s a lot to take in when it comes to this grand castle, and it can seemingly go on forever. On top of having a luxurious front lawn, this castle also has an accessible moat, a dungeon, a basement, a garden, a general first floor, a second floor, and a third floor. While exploring the first floor, you’ll notice rooms with stars on them. Some of these stars will have numbers….some may not. Each room leads to a different level. The number of stars on the door is how many stars you need to unlock that level. Once you get enough, you’re able to unlock the BIG door. It’s huge, red, and not all that scary lookin’. But behind it lies a Bowser, ready to take you down. But, like with every game, the Princess isn’t behind that door and you have to keep searching until you locate the door she IS behind.

Honestly, this game can DEFINITELY be found on the Nintendo 64, but I wouldn’t doubt that it’s been formatted to many, if not all versions of computer. I’m also pretty sure it can be accessed through Nintendo DS, but I’m not sure which generation so be sure to check your Nintendo Play store. To this day it’s widely popular, and still so much fun to play. I would highly recommend this game, especially because it’s a turning point in all gamers’ lives. This one is a MUST play, no matter how you have to get your grubby little fingers on it.

Now if you’d all excuse me, the never-ending stairs are callin’.  Thanks for reading, and tune in next time! – Charlie


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