In the console gaming world, giants like Microsoft and Sony are a big part of the evolution. Also, the Nintendo Switch got more popular than ever. In these years, retro consoles came back to life, connected with nostalgic feelings all the way. So many companies were revamping the old hardware. For all those who want to revisit memories or play classic games, it’s fun and uncomplicated in comparison with high-tech consoles with their multi-functions. If you consider buying a retro console, you should look at the market with its huge range. Each of them has different options, advantages, and disadvantages. Here are the best retro consoles in 2022.

Not only retro consoles have their comeback in 2022, but also classic games like Tetris and Monopoly, which you can play online. The hype is increasing and especially popular for Generation X and Millennials. All in all, old-school becomes new school in 2022. 

Sega Drive Mini

This mini console got everything you want, including the recreation from the original, perfect fitting controller, easy setup, and a unique game collection. You will find 42 games on the console, which are already included. Also, the loading is super fast, and you can play different versions of games. The console Sega Drive Mini includes Games like Sonic, Street of Rage 2 or Earthworm Jim, which will entertain you. There are plenty of classics to enjoy. This console is ideal for those who love retro controllers and minimalistic convenience. The only minus is that the sound of the games can be a little spotty. 

Nintendo Game and Watch – Super Mario Edition

For gamers who like it handier and lighter, this Nintendo has the optimal solution for you. The form fits perfectly in your hands, and you can watch and play at the same time. Since it is a Super Mario Edition, you have different Super Mario games on it. There are other Editions, like the Legend of Zelda. Both editions: Legend of Zelda and Super Mario focus on the character and their journey through the game. You can take your small console everywhere, which fits easily in your bag. The good thing is that you don’t have to choose between several games at the same time because you only have a few games based on the edition, which is cool. So, you can focus on your favorite games. This console is affordable and great, also the packaging is retro-like and will make every heartbeat of an old-school fan beat fast. It is the perfect choice for gamers that are into a unique design, handhelds, and a few classic games. The only con is the small variety of games. 

Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

The Classic PlayStation 

It feels like Sony is the outsider to the other consoles. Sony took a bit longer to catch up and released its PlayStation classic in a few years later. This one is a part of the old-school consoles and brings fresh air into that world with 3D graphics. Also, the controllers look more high-tech than the other ones, which makes it outstanding. This well-built console with its controllers’ triggers nostalgia for a fact. You should consider this newer console with a few new features and a great choice of games like Metal Gear and Final Fantasy, the only disadvantage is, that many big games such as Wipeout and Tony Hawk are missing. 

In addition, to choose the right one, think back and remember with which console you used to playback in the day. Maybe some retro games are popping back up in your mind? If you had an older PlayStation, you should go with the retro version of it. 

When it comes to things like our past gaming experiences and how it started, we connect great and euphoric feelings with it. It is a part of growing up with all the things that come along. Retro consoles are renewed, classic games can be played online, new consoles integrate classic games into their game selection, doesn’t matter if online or on disk. Nowadays, everything is possible in the gaming industry. Technology allows us to experience these things again in another decade, which is incredible. Other classic table games like roulette find their way back on diverse online platforms with a huge variety of games. You can be at home and just enjoy the experience without going to the location and playing and you can also benefit from different types of bonuses. You will also find unique games that cannot be found everywhere, which makes it even more entertaining. Also, if you have a look at the car racing game’s history, they also developed from time to time. There are plenty of games on the market. However, as you can see, the gaming sector is increasing more and more and takes advantage of our personal preferences. 

To sum it up, we can be happy and appreciative of technology and digitization in the gaming industry. We learn a lot about new features and techniques but also get back to our roots – retro gaming. We can inspire others and show them how great this is, and take advantage of all the offers on the market. Old-school and New school are equally important!