One aspect of farming games that I have always enjoyed is crafting. Earning the “Craft Master” achievement in Stardew Valley was one of my favorite achievements. However, sometimes I want a game that solely focuses on crafting and survival. This is when I tend to head over to Ark or Valheim.  What if I told you there was a game like Ark with the cute graphics of a farming sim? That is where Ankora: Lost Days comes in!

Source: Chibig’s Presskit

The Plot

The story of Ankora: Lost Days follows Mun, a junior ranger from the Interstellar Patrol. She crash-landed on the planet of Ankora and is now on a mission to survey the entire world. However, Ankora is a strange and ever-changing place. Aside from the usual obstacles such as deep rivers and extensive mountain ranges, she will also face various foes. Monsters reside in these lands, and it is up to Mun to survive. With the tools at her disposal, a hammer, shovel, bow, and spike, Mun will need to build structures and terraform the land.

Unique Additions

There are several aspects of Ankora: Lost Days that make it unique from other survival games. The first being its adorable graphics. The developer was inspired by Studio Ghibli films and Zelda: Link’s Awakening when creating the art. Secondly, Mun will be exploring several different biomes. These range from serene forests to harsh deserts. With over 100 map levels and secret locations, it seems that players will never run out of areas to explore! While creating tools and meals that are not unique to this genre, players will use a kitchen and workbench. These allow for new recipes and a higher chance of survival. Finally, players can trade their goods with Anks, cute fluffy beings. Dealing with the Anks will help them recover their villages, but they also have over 100 quests for players to complete. Overall, Ankora: Lost Days has a lot to offer the player with a seemingly long storyline.

Chibig Studios

The developer, Chibig, is not new to this side of TGON. Based in Spain, they have also created Deiland and Summer In Mara. With titles as adorable as these, it is understandable they would lean into creating a cute survival game.  According to their Kickstarter, while this game is set in the Chibig universe, it is its own standalone title. Mun does appear in Deiland: Pocket Planet; however, this takes place several years beforehand.

Odds and Ends

Overall, Ankora: Lost Days looks as fun as it is adorable. I have been impressed with Chibig’s work in the past, and I do not doubt that this title will do just as well. While there is no current release date, the Kickstarter recently ended, players will be able to play on several platforms, including Nintendo Switch, Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox. I, for one, already have it on my Steam wishlist. In the end, if you want to stay up-to-date with Ankora: Lost Days, be sure to check out their Twitter, Discord, or Instagram.