Sometimes with all the chaos and busyness of our lives, we forget how important it is to be a mother or how important our own mother is. A mother is a protector, a selfless, loving person who sacrifices her wants and needs for her children wants and needs. A mother is a teacher who shares valuable lessons with her children so that they will have the abilities and knowledge to make it on their own someday. It is a rewarding job and by far one of the hardest that a woman will experience. Often, the role of the mother is portrayed in movies and throughout the years there have been some pretty memorable movie moms out there. So I have put together a list of five movie moms that I always really liked and thought they were pretty unforgettable.

First mom on the list, is the badass Sarah Connor from the Terminator movies and TV series franchise. Sarah Connor had a fairly normal life growing up beside for her father walking out on her and her mother. In 1984 when she was 19, Sarah worked as a waitress at a family restaurant named Big Jeff’s. She lived with a roommate in a two-story apartment in the Los Angeles and was also attending college. However, it was during this year that Sarah’s whole world changed. Sarah begins being pursued by an android killer called the Cyberdyne System Series 800 Model 101 Terminator who is determined to kill her.  Sarah then meets a time travelling soldier named Kyle Reese who has been sent to protect her from the Terminator. She learns from Kyle that the reason the Terminator wants her dead is that in the future, software developers from the military will create an artificial intelligence called Skynet that will be able to make strategic decisions. However, the program becomes self-aware and takes control of most of the world’s military hardware. This will cause an all-out attack on the human race. The leader of the human resistance, John Connor eventually succeeds in a victory over the machines. Yet, it is then that it is discovered that before Skynet was destroyed, they had invented a means of time travel and had sent an android killer back in time to kill John Connors mother before he is born. Yep, you got it! Sarah is John Connors mother and that is why she is being hunted by the Terminator. Kyle also tells her that he was a sergeant to John and that he sent him back to protect her. Over time Sarah falls in love with Kyle and he tells her that she will be the one who is responsible for training John the skills and tactics he will use to fight Skynet. When the two are hiding from the Terminator, Sarah and John have sex which results in John’s conception. Unfortunately, Kyle dies fighting the Terminator but Sarah is able to finish the job and crushes the Terminator in a hydraulic press. From there Sarah devotes her life to developing the skills and abilities to make herself a perfect mentor and teacher for John. During this time, she also becomes a fugitive and pretty much lives off the grid. John is born and next, we see Sarah being locked away and seen as an unfit mother. John is adopted and lives with another family, Sarah thinks that everything is fine because the Terminator was not successful in killing her and John was still able to be born. That is until Skynet sends another Terminator back from the future to kill John before he grows up. Now it’s up to Sarah to teach her son all the skills he needs and make sure that he lives to see the future.

Sarah Conner

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Next mom up is from one of my favourite movies of all time, Almost Famous.  Elaine Miller is the kind of mom that you don’t want to cross. She has two children that she cares about tremendously and wants them to succeed in life. Unfortunately, Elaine wants her kids to succeed on her terms, at the expense of their own passions and aspirations, and that’s what drove her daughter away. Elaine is a college professor and has no problem making it clear what about society, she deems immoral. One of those things just happens to be rock and roll, something she also does not allow in her home. After her daughter leaves the household due to her overbearingness, she is left to enforce her views on her son William. Her dream for William is that he will become a lawyer. However, Williams dream is to be a reporter writing about rock bands. So, of course, Elaine is not happy at all about her son’s new passion writing about rock bands, nonetheless, she tries her best to support him the best she can. One of those ways is allowing him to tour with a band called Sweetwater where he will document the band’s life on the road. She doesn’t let him leave though before giving him advice on what to keep in mind, in order for him to keep on the path to success. Her biggest piece of advice is “don’t take drugs!”. Throughout Williams travels, Elaine makes sure to keep in touch with William, even though she is fearing the worst is happening to him. She even gives advice to one of the band members over the phone who she thinks is not the best person for her son to be hanging around with: “Be bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid. Goethe said that. It’s not too late for you to become a person of substance, Russell. Please get my son home safely. You know, I’m glad we spoke.”

Almost Famous

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The mom from this movie isn’t really a mother but more of a nanny and a father but if you have seen the movie Mrs. Doubtfire then you know what I mean. After throwing a birthday party for his son that gets a little out of control, Daniel Hillard’s wife Miranda has had her last straw. She tells Daniel that they are on different paths in life and that they should separate. After a day in court, a judge feels it’s best for Daniel who recently lost his job get his life in order and therefore allows him to see his children just one day a week! For Daniel, his children are his life and he just can’t bear being away from them for so long.  So when his wife puts an ad out for a housekeeper, Daniel dresses up as an older Britsh woman and answers the ad. Mrs. Doubtfire as he calls himself lands the job and this allows Daniel to still be around his kids. Mrs. Doubtfire is a loveable woman who sees firsthand how his and his wife’s divorce affect the children. Before long, Mrs.Doubtfire wins over the family and Daniel learns how to become a better parent. In the end, though, the family learns the truth about who Mrs.Doubtfire really is but after seeing the length that Daniel was willing to go for his children, Miranda appeals the custody ruling and agrees to joint custody of the children.


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Next mom up might not be your traditional mom but she is definitely an interesting one. Morticia Addams is from The Addams Family television and film series. It was created by cartoonist Charles Addams, and Morticia was based on his first wife Barbara. Morticia is the wife of Gomez Addams and mother of Wednesday Addams, Pugsley Addams and Pubert Addams. Morticia is described as a witch with very pale skin and long straight black hair. She is always seen wearing black and instead of makeup, she applies baking powder to her face to achieve that lovely fair complexion. Morticia is a mom who cares about her family and her children deeply. She is unlike the cookie cutter moms who put pressure on their children to look and behave a certain way. Morticia however, encourages her children to be individuals and to not care about what others say or think about them. Knowing that being different from most families will often bring conflict, she teaches her children to stand up for themselves. She is a strong and fearless woman and my list of cool moms just wouldn’t be complete without her on it.


Morticia from The Addams Family. Photo Source:

The last mom on the list is an inspiration to anyone who thinks once you reach a certain age that it’s too late to go after their dreams. Deanna Miles and her husband Dan sit in their car and watch their daughter Maddie walk away after having just dropped her off for her senior year at college. Everything seems perfect until suddenly her husband dumps her after confessing that he has fallen in love with someone else. Deanna had been her husband’s longtime dedicated housewife and is crushed by the news. Her family remind her that Dan was really nothing but a jerk who they never liked anyway. They also remind her of how when Deanna was in her last year of college, Dan made her drop out and not graduate after she became pregnant with Maddie. Deanna realizes she is not happy with what has become of her life, so she decided she is going to go back to college.  Once enrolled, it just so happens that she lands in the same class and school as her daughter, who is not initially happy about the whole thing.  However, after seeing how important it is to her mom to finish her degree, Maddie helps her mom adjust to college life again, even giving her mom a more fashionable look. Along the way, Deanna embraces freedom, finds her true self again, has tons of fun and even has some experiences with frat boys. It’s not hard to see that Deanna is another very loving mother who has a great relationship with her daughter. The two support each other and only want the best for each other. Her will to go back to college to complete her degree, also shows that she is a mom who is also a good role model.

Deanna life

Deanna from Life of the Party. Photo Source:

So, that concludes my list of five moms that I think are pretty darn cool! Please let me know your favourite moms from movies or tv below in the comments. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out some other great article here on The Game of Nerds.