In a mix of leaks and announcements, Dragon Ball Super has just announced the next movie in its timeline. The subtitle of the movie is simply “Broly.”

This means that Broly is transitioning from a non-canon into a canon character. Previously, the overly large muscular Saiyan had only been featured in three spin off movies, which did not constitute canon these being Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly: The Second Coming, and Bio-Broly. Of all the movie villains, of which there are almost two dozen, Broly was and is the most famous so much so that he has barely missed a video game appearance as either an opponent or a playable character of some sort. In the recent, and incredibly successful, FighterZ he even got to be a playable character before many canon characters.

Now, with this upcoming movie, Broly is going to make an almost unprecedented jump into the canon. Fans of the character are obviously ecstatic as one of their favorites would be brought into the official fold and to get more material featuring him. Broly though is not without sizable detractors who site the character as being uninteresting and onenote and having a poor backstory and motivation.

This will be almost a new start though, so what the fans love or what the detractors hate could be removed in this latest iteration of the character.