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“Into the Badlands”-‘Moon Rises, Raven Seeks’ Review

Moon, Widow and Pilgrim...oh my!
Courtesy of Aidan Monaghan/AMC

Reunions and a promised land for believers are the premise for episode two of “Into the Badlands.” For some, surprises about whom is no longer working for whom and for others, disappointment for a land that was promised.

As Tilda (aka Iron Rabbit) was last allied to The Widow, when she turns up in Lydia’s refugee camp and runs into Sunny, tensions run high. Sunny hasn’t forgotten (nor forgiven) Tilda’s complicity as The Widow’s regent in turning Veil over to Quinn previously. In his mind, although she’s left Minerva’s employ, she can’t-and won’t-be trusted. Not now, not ever.

Courtesy of Aidan Monaghan/AMC

Paths are always converging in The Badlands and there was a specific reason The Widow wanted Nathaniel Moon as her regent. Being unable to bring forth her prisoner MK’s Dark Force herself, Minerva uses Moon’s prodigious fighting talents to teach the young pup a lesson. Weakened by his excessive use of opium (and disinterest in training), MK is quickly set on his backside with minimal effort from Moon. Definitely frustrated in his performance, he locks himself into his gilded cage and orders a massive dose of opioids. Going into a trance-like state, MK’s Dark Force self harrangues the young guy about not letting him out. The crushing guilt MK has felt over killing his mother and his community is immediately set aside by Dark Force MK. Showing him the actual memories he’s blocked, MK sees a familiar face clip his mother with a sword: Sunny. Dark Force achieved.

Courtesy of Aidan Monaghan/AMC

Recall: the reasons for The Widow needing Moon as her regent were twofold. A) unlocking MK’s Dark Force and B) finding Bajie and the Iron Rabbit. Sending Moon out on a reconnaissance mission to Lydia’s refugee camp, it was surprising to see the familiarity and intimacy they clearly shared. The Badlands are an interesting place for relationships and this one between Lydia and Moon could prove particularly intriguing.

Finding Tilda with baby Henry, Moon has no idea he’s in the presence of the actual Iron Rabbit. It’s only due to Lydia’s quick interjection that Tilda isn’t found out…or Bajie and Sunny aren’t discovered.

Courtesy of Aidan Monaghan/AMC

As for the nomads and their powerful leaders Pilgrim and Cressida, they land on an ancient fortress and island. With dissension in the ranks regarding the actual location of Azra (and if it exists), Pilgrim puts on a display of his might and agility. After, Cressida sacrifices her flesh and blood to the furthering of their cause. They may not be in Azra but these two are certainly dedicated to finding it.

You can catch Into the Badlands Sundays at 7PM on AMC

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