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Game of Thrones Season 6 Character Recap: Daenerys

Find herself at the mercy of Khal Moro, a vulgar Khal who decides Dany is to live her life out as a proper widowed Khaleesi, among the Dosh Khaleen. She was eventually Dany reunited with Daario and Jorah, who helped her plot her escape.

Dany earns her freedom in a fashion true to her House’ with Fire and Blood. After severely berating Khal Moro and his Bloodriders, she burns their temple to the ground, walking out unscathed as her captors are burned alive. Even without her dragons, Dany is capable of spitting fire.

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This season also saw the return of Dany’s biggest moral struggle, and its name is Mormont. He’s betrayed her, saved her, conspired against her, and helped her rise to power; there’s no clean-cut way to treat him until he reveals his Greyscale. In one of her most emotional scenes this season, Dany commands Ser Jorah to scour the globe in seach of a cure, then to rejoin her in Westeros when she takes the iron Throne. It seems she’s finally come to terms with his role in her life. (And yes, we get Jorah’s “I love you” line, but it’s well-timed and surprisingly uncreepy.)

Several episodes are dedicated to Dany assembling her forces to move on King’s Landing; she rallies her newfound Khalasar with a political speech that any president would envy.


She did this from dragonback, as is in her nature.

She also frees all of Slavers Bay (now: Dragon’s Bay) by squashing a major rebellion by the Masters, slaughtering them and taking their ships. Although when she dolls out justice, she asks the three ambassadors which of them she should execute, and when two turn on one, it is because he is base-born. Dany reminds us that she still fights for the weak and despises the abuse of authority, by killing the two highborn Masters.

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Daenerys is also approached by the Greyjoys, having arrived in Meereen after fleeing the Iron Isles. They offer her 100 ships in return for her support in Yara’s (Asha’s) claim to her home shores; Dany is compliant, and points out that the Greyjoys are not demanding their independence, but asking nicely for it, giving hope to other regions in the Seven Kingdoms who crave independence (cough The North cough). Did I mention Yara and Dany had some amazing dialogue?

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Once her troops are assembled (count ‘em: The Greyjoys, The Dothraki,The Unsullied, the dragons, House Tyrell, and the Sandsnakes) Dany commands Daario to remain in Dragon’s Bay and keep the peace while she sails for King’s Landing. Her rationale is that she may need to marry to secure the throne, and having a guy-on-the-side would complicate things. Although he begs, she makes him stay.

In her final appearance of the season, she converses with Tyrion and explains her fear of following the Mad King’s path. She fears her lack of emotion may be indicative of darker tendancies, and Tyrion, ever the advisor, assures her she won’t.

Her concerns aren’t unfounded, though, we’ve seen her take it too far before, but she’s self-aware now; she knows when compassion is required, and Tyrion and the team will certainly keep her in check.

Dany didn’t undergo a ton of character development this season per se; most of her screentime wad dedicated to confirming that she is the same strong, driven, merciful and fair ruler we’ve been rooting for. She’s already been set up to be a great Queen, but her anxiety and tinge of self-doubt about abusing her power is new, but it only confirms that she’ll be a cautious ruler.

Finally setting out towards Westeros, Tyrion puts it best when he says:

“This is actually happening.”

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