Anita Blake

Source Marvel

Anita is in the middle of a crucial investigation and hunt that is a race against the clock. A fifteen year old girl has been abducted by vampires. Anita must find her and save her even if it means running into a trap. What she finds is puzzling.

The vampires they find are all either ten years dead or under or between twenty and fifty years dead. That’s not really the odd part. All the vampires are children in their teens, grandparents or soccer mom looking women. None of them are blood oathed to Jean-Claude and not a part of the Church Of Eternal Life. Some of them may be of Jean-Claude’s bloodline but again not blood oathed to him. They are also willing to die before becoming blood oathed to any vampire. They haven’t fed tonight either which is at odds with the scene because there are two dead cops. The cops died from bites. The Master is shielding and sacrificing these new vampires while he and some of the others get away.

The man hunt is on. Anita and Zerbrowski must find the escaped vampires and execute them before they kill other innocent victims.

Will Anita catch these vampires before they can kill again? How many lives will be lost before they can be brought to justice? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Till next week…