This week’s episode brought about a few overlying themes: new beginnings, support, and facing obstacles.

As with every episode of this show, Sutton, Kat, and Jane each face a well-rounded story line. But Jacqueline also has a bit of a story arc herself, facing up to Cleo, a new board member and fitness guru, when questioned about a fat and fitness story. She held her ground against Cleo’s warnings and the board’s imploring to ax the story completely.

Not to mention holding onto the idea that self-image and feeling good about yourself, despite your weight and how “healthy” your body seems to society is an important theme to witness on mainstream television. And I loved that the episode showed Jacqueline getting back to her roots as writer, brought on by Jane’s questioning. It proves you can step away from something you love and it’ll always be there to return to.

Moving onto Jane’s perspective, it seems that groveling for your old job back is not the solution. Jane is disheartened to hear this, after having Jacqueline politely decline her wanting to return to the magazine. Jane’s salary might have been allocated back into the dot com budget, but her opportunities will be sought elsewhere. I look forward to Jane struggling more, and discovering herself.

As a recent college graduate searching for my next steps, I can empathize with Jane’s struggles. Hopefully, she’ll be able to give me the confidence to try taking steps outside of my comfort zone.

Sutton is owning her job, and taking things seriously in the fashion department. It’s clear her efforts are being noticed by Oliver. She’s responsible for an accessories shoot while Oliver is otherwise preoccupied. I wasn’t shocked at all when Sutton immediately had her eyes on a photographer on Instagram. The fact that she scouted Alex for Yankees tickets to appeal to this gentleman. I would totally want her on my team. If I were to work with a woman like Sutton, I have a feeling I’d learn so much from her.

Unlike other episodes, Kat and Sutton’s story lines intersect in an understandable way. Kat played the role of a supportive girlfriend, concerned that Adena had yet to achieve any photography gigs since moving in with the social media director. Kat swooped in with Adena’s portfolio, resume and a strong pitch for Sutton to consider.

The trepidation that Sutton experiences in this episode seemed taxing to me as a viewer. On one hand, you have a highly qualified photographer you’ve yet to met for a gig. And on the other, you have a best friend to whom you feel you owe their girlfriend a chance to go out for that same gig.

And of course, Jacqueline’s advice allows Sutton space to make a decision, going out on a limb for Adena’s talents to shine through. Thankfully, Adena’s instincts paid off. The photo shoot that was boring on the surface, with accessories posing on top of colorful candies. Sutton seemed to be encouraged by the presence of Kat and Jane at the shoot.

The intimate shoots that resulted, with the three women posing together, vulnerable, adorned in the jewelry designated for the shoot. It was intense and sensual. Sutton’s idea to “get naked” was risky, and Oliver understandably warned Sutton not to move away from the script again. She’s lucky that the photos produced from Adena’s photo shoot came out so well.


giphy – TGON – The Bold Type – Freeform

All in all, I want to read Scarlett magazine. Or get the prop version from the show in the near future, because I honestly love The Bold Type.