Where Kat, Sutton and Jane left off last week, the plot continued at the start of the episode.

Kat is conflicted by her sex dream about Laila, having not told Adena just yet. Sutton continues to party almost nightly with Brooke, coming into work hungover. And Jane was tackling her freelance writing portfolio.

Luckily, the three women see some progress.

Jane discovers that she’s been nominated for a Mandy Award, having written the article on sexual assault last year entitled, “Carrying the Weight”. It’s great to see writers reference the finale during a poignant moment.

Jane is able to use her new accolade to assister her in gaining new writing gigs. She’s able to set up lunches with editors and definitely seems to get her groove back.

Jane conducts interviews for her follow up piece to her original sexual assault story, discovering that a woman named Elena was sexually assaulted by the same man who took advantage of Jacqueline Carlisle all those years ago.

Jane decided to confront Jacqueline during her photoshoot with the Scarlett editor, figuring letting her know that another woman was assaulted at the same writing organization she used to work for would warrant Jacqueline a heads up. The editor seems very thrown and Jane leaves the shoot seeming worried but relieved.

Kat meanwhile struggles as she decides whether to tell Adena everything. With Adena busy again, she’s invited to a club by Laila and goes alone, eager to envelope herself in the NYC lesbian scene she’s missed out on. Throughout the night, she’s offered drinks and dances close to several woman, all of whom aren’t her girlfriend. She even slips up and makes out with a tall dark-skinned woman before leaving in a hurry.

Kat later spills everything to her girlfriend, telling Adena about how she thought of other women while she was away, and how she had the sex dream about Laila. Adena leaves and Kat feels terrible. The women regroup later, and I had a pit in my stomach as they discussed their perspectives. It seems Adena thinks she’s kept Kat from experiencing the full length of being a young queer woman, and Kat’s curiousities about what’s out there could continue. It’s uncertain if the women are going to break up come the end of the season. I hope not, because Kadena as a couple are lovely together.

Sutton is tasked with dressing Richard’s new girlfriend, with him he attended law school many years ago. She’s closer to his age, and Sutton does a marvelous job keeping her cool, while feeling intimidated around a woman who is dating her ex. Jessica says she thinks Richard is ready to settle down now, and Sutton seems even more heartbroken than ever.

She pauses her partying to consider her feelings about her breakup, understanding that Jessica may just be a better match for Richard. She has to move on.

Jane understands that Kat’s complex relationship with Adena and Sutton’s feelings towards her breakup might not make for such good thoughts if they were to attend the Mandys in support of her. So she tells her friends they don’t have to go. Ben makes a handsome entrance on her arm as they reach the table.

Sutton almost goes out with Brooke again when the woman texts her, until she realizes that she and Kat need to go to the awards regardless, to support their friend tiny Jane. They dress fabulously, clapping hard for their friend as Jane wrestles out a Mandy win.

Jane is invigorated by the awards and writes the follow up piece for the Daily Review, deciding to include Elena’s testimony after all. She learns later that Jacqueline had read her new piece, offering a meeting between herself and the editor.

Jane speaks with Jacqueline, who reveals she feels as though Jane has lived through her failure long enough, and that her old job is open at Scarlet if she wants it. It seems her mentor is quite proud of how Jane carries herself now, and apparently has scraped together the money missing for her salary…perhaps the board is listening to Jacqueline more?

Jane sneaks into the fashion closet, hugging Kat and Sutton excitedly while telling them both she’s back permanently. It’s sweet and will certainly make the plot around the workplace more fun to watch in the coming episodes.

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