This week, the Bold Type writers were I afraid to take the contentious topics surround gun violence and gun ownership in the United States.

Jane discovers that Sutton owns a shotgun, whom she named Betsy, and that it had existed in their apartment for a long while without her knowledge. Jane is taken aback by the news and judges Sutton rather harshly for wanting to protect herself.

The plot evolves as Jane explores her feelings related to gun violence, as she’d been a few blocks away from a mass shooting. She eventually writes a multi perspective piece after coming around to Sutton’s side of things.

The gun was never loaded, and Sutton very much wanted to keep her shotgun. It was bizarre that Jane seemed to win the day, as Sutton had her shotgun turned into earrings at the conclusion of the episode.

I love that Jaqueline is taking no shit from Jane this season. I hope Jane grows a thicker skin and evolves, but I do want to know more from Sutton, Adena and even Richard.

Which brings me to my next topic: the Kadena scenes. I loved that Adena understands Kat having curiosities, explaining the rules and possibilities of an open relationship with the Social Media director.

I just want to know how Adena is really feeling, outside of her relations with Kat, and learn more about her work.

Sutton baby, you need to release your stress. Maybe even go to another gun range if shooting is still a stress relieving exercise, screw Jane’s feelings, you do you.

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