The “Feminist Army” returns in the Season 2 premiere of the Bold Type, opening with Sutton and Jane eagerly awaiting Kay’s arrival back in New York.

The humor comes easily as the women begin with signs and adorable remarks about the fact that they’re such good friends to greet Kat at the airport. As the hours pass, Sutton and Jane are seen resorting to mad libs as Kat finally arrives!

In the cab, Kat is glowing, as Sutton puts it, gushing about her trip abroad with Adena, her girlfriend, who is scheduled to follow behind on the next flight into the city.

Jane says they have to talk about Richard, as Kat presses Sutton about whether she’d slept with Richard since the Scarlet party. Sutton says no, it was “closure sex” but it’s clear she’s not over him.

The three embark on a journey into a pop up shop as Sutton runs a fashion errand for Oliver. Jane becomes entangled in the shirt she tries on as Sutton remarks “she can’t take (them) anywhere.” The curtain draws closed a bit too late as Jacquelyn notices the three women attempting to free Jane from the confines of her blouse and the title rolls.

Kat is live-streaming/blogging immediately after waking up, much to Adena’s chagrin. Kat needs to get to work early and promises to have lunch with her girlfriend later.

At Incite, Jane is in a pitch meeting, trying to sell her first article about a company who sells menstrual cups, donating a cup to a homeless shelter with each sale. Her passion wins the assignment as Jane leaves to interview Emma.

Kat and Sutton sit in on a mandatory sexual harassment meeting, where Richard, as a board member, outlines new policy allowing for employees from any level within the company to date with legal protections. Kat obnoxiously asks if two people who work at significantly different levels within the company can date, and Richard confirms that they can.

Sutton combats slut shaming from coworkers, as those she work with imply Alex only gives her styling credits because she slept with him. Kat turns down her lunch date with Adena to console her friend.

Jane discovers the menstrual cup company seems alright on the surface, but after speaking with someone in charge at a local women’s shelter, things are not as they seem. The woman tells Jane quickly that the cups have given homeless women infections, because they don’t have regular access to sanitation.

Jane returns to speak with the female CEO and confronts her with the new information. She confirms to the writer that she has in fact received complaints, and that the program has been closed down. But the fact that the donations of cups has continued bothers Jane. Emma Cox says she can’t risk losing funding, needing support to start a disposable cup program for low income women.

Jane is struggling to write her article, fearing her perspective might be perceived as an expose against the menstrual cup company. Sutton is worriedly getting dressed for a fashion-headlining Scarlett party nearby. Kat gives her roommate some honest advice over a glass of wine and decides to go to the party with Sutton. Knowing what she’ll write about in her vertical will help her face up to her old boss Jacquelyn at the party.


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Kat returns home to her apartment, smelling the wonderful food Adena has cooked for them. It’s clearly set up for a quiet night in, but Kat reminds Adena she has to go to the Scarlet Party in order to keep up on her first day back as Social Media Director.

Her meeting earlier in defense of low polling numbers in front of the board went well, but Katz appearance at the gathering would help matters. Adena hesitantly agrees to accompany her girlfriend.

At the party, Sutton and Jane enter looking gorgeous in heir outfits. Sutton hugs Rachel, a fashion designer she helped throughout the week leading up to the soirée. The woman thanks Sutton for her assistance and more affectionately greets Oliver. Sutton speaks with Alex in the meantime with her worries about office gossip. He defends her fashionable eye for style as Sutton receives a text from Richard to meet him at the upstairs bar.

When asked to pose for the cameras with Scarlett’s Head editor, Kat tries to usher Adena into taking a few photos. Out of nowhere Adena exclaims they’re moving too fast and wishes Kat would just go down on her. Sutton and Jane are agog as Jacquline leaves to start the carpet. Kat follows after Adena left to stand beside the big boss.

Kat, Jane and Sutton escape to the coat closet to ruminate over recent developments. Jane explains she’s conflicted about her story, Kat worries about going down on Adena, and Sutton reveals Richard signed the papers. It seems a career is more important to Sutton now than dating a man 15 years her senior whom she loves. The women disperse feeling more grounded.

Jane writes her article, putting a personal touch on the story before sending in a beginning for her vertical at Incite. Kat is seen speaking with Adena about her fears, insisting she’s very much attracted to her, but she’s nervous. Adena and Kat are seen being sensual, and Adena looks quite satisfied.

Sutton looks sad riding away in a cab, clearly emotional over her decision to decide to break up with Richard.

The next morning Jane receives word her article is live, and on “the splash page”. Excitedly, she goes to open the site, clicking and feeling shocked by what she sees. The editor has made “a few changes”, claiming the woman running the menstrual cup company is “a Bloody Fraud”, with Jane’s name under the byline.


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“Oh shit” indeed.

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