Sutton had a hookup….with a music industry guy. Her walk of shame fashion emergency was expertly choreographed by Kat and Jane, complete with dry shampoo, a disposable toothbrush, leather jacket, and awful bed head.

Red, as Oliver affectionally calls Sutton, boldly announces her “How to turn your WALK OF SHAME into a Stride of Pride”. Her pitch is well received, thankfully, and Sutton is in the clear.

Meanwhile, Jane’s computer problems, low lack of funds, and everyday unemployment struggles are taxing. Jane doesn’t enjoy the lack of structure and steady paycheck. “Pinstripe” Ryan happens to have an in with Yes Girl magazine, giving Jane an opportunity to try for another job.


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Kat, Alex and Oliver enjoy “black people snack time”. I definitely want to see her interact more with these men, getting advice on how to discover new voices in the Social Media department.

Angie comes by to meet with Kat at Scarlett, having been impressed by the young woman’s ability to voice her opinions on twitter, and her follower count on the platform as well as instagram. Kat is thrilled with the meeting, but discovers her pick was rejected due to the fact that Safford’s policy calls for applicants to possess a college degree.

The three women are seen enjoying Karaoke, with Sutton’s latest squeeze Dillon in tow. They all share shots with Dillon before being called up to the stage to perform Mamma Mia as “Kat, Jane and Satan”, thanks to someone’s terrible hangwriting. All three women’s voices are exceptional here though.

When the lyrics on the television freeze, Dillon offers his phone to read the lyrics. But when a sexy text from his wife Allison appears on his phone, Sutton demands he leave. Kat and Jane offer some awkward banter as they exit the stage.

As Kat fetches her friends a round of banana rum drinks she runs into Leila from the party a few weeks before. After playfully chatting with Adena’s friend, Kat allows her to stop by to borrow Adena’s tripod. Seeming starstruck, Kat brings the drinks back.

Jane gets a call from Ryan, who just got out of drinks with the Yes Girl HR woman. She didn’t get the job, since the company was making a push for diversity. Jane is offended she didn’t get the job, since she was just as qualified.

“So you’re all for diversity as long as it doesn’t affect you?” Kat retorts, as Sutton tries to squash the tension and the three women go home.

Sutton pulls Kat aside into the fashion closet after finding Dillon’s wife Allison online. She wants to tell Allison the truth.

Kat and Jane rehash their conversation from the night before, as Kat reminds her that Jane’s white priveledge is something that allows her to obtain many more opportunities. They come together when Jane offers to cover Angie as a receptionist to allow her to defend herself to the board.

Kat discovers the next morning that Angie can be hired in the social media department. The college degree requirement won’t be lifted for Safford hires, but it has been changed for future Scarlet hires. Kat is elated at the news.


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Kat and Jane enjoy some apology rose, and talked it all out. Kat offers her support in Jane’s journey to discover a new job and they share a long hug.

Sutton meets with Allison, hesitantly telling her she thought Dillon’s wife would appreciate knowing the truth about her cheating husband. As Allison tells her she hopes she’ll find a good guy, Sutton remembers all the long glances she’s shared with Richard. She’s seen walking towards Richard’s penthouse, hoping that Richard might see her standing there. Unfortunately, he guides a beautiful woman out of the cab and Sutton walks away disheartened.

But Jane seems to be doing well with Dr. Ben, as things get heated between them following the doc’s 48 hr shift.

Kat is about to grab the tripod for Leila, and the scene seems innocent enough, until Kat and Leila start making out. Thankfully, it’s just a dream. But a sexy dream no less that Kat is roused from with a text. Hopefully, this won’t affect hers and Adena’s relationship when she returns from a photography retreat. But the promo for next week didn’t seem too promising on that front.

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