"Younger" Ep. 503 (Airs 6/19/18)

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Younger is not playing around this season, after revealing Liza’s identity to Charles and having him spend the last episode feeling sorry for himself and grappling with what to do, this episode brings us to a very dramatic and emotional scene that seems to signal the beginning of a new chapter for Liza (& #TeamCharles).

All of this and it’s only episode 3, wow. So let’s get to the action.

In the B plot, Kelsey and Zane head to DC to court Obama’s former speech-writer, who is making the rounds with a new book proposal. Charles wants them to work together and pitch him as a team. They do just that, but because of their fabulous sexual tension, the writer wants to work with both of them together, throwing a wrench in their Empirical vs Millennial feud. After their presentation, they head off to their respective room and “run into” each other on the very exclusive dating app Yara, that Lauren signed Kelsey up for without her knowing (obvi the IRL Raya, to which I applied for fun, let’s see what happens.)

"Younger" Ep. 503 (Airs 6/19/18)

Long story short, Zayne comes to Kelsey’s room and they full on have sex. Then they both get a text from the writer and think they’ve beat the other. Until at breakfast, he tells them that he wants to work with them as  a unit, not separately. So now they’ve had sex, they have to work together and the company needs them to succeed more than ever, we are heading into uncharted territory and it will be fabulous.

Now onto Liza’s drama. She is working with Dianna to manage Pauline on her book tour. This would seem like an easy thing to do except, in a dick move, on the night of her book release party, Charles tells her that he wants a divorce. I get that he can’t keep pretending and he’s butt heart about Liza but come on dude it’s her party, she’s on cloud nine and sharing her joy with you and you just burst her bubble so hard. It’s rude and I don’t like this side of Charles…Josh would never.

Speaking of hot bae, he learns in this episode the Clare has decided against joining him in New York, she got tired of lying and calls the whole thing off…selfish AF, I knew she couldn’t be trusted – but I mean I’m glad to be rid of her. Josh is hella bummed and really bonds with Lauren (more plz!!) about his heartbreak and wanting to change his monogamous ways, he’s tired of getting hurt and I wouldn’t say no to seeing Josh make out with a bunch of randos, but I just want to hug his little heart.

"Younger" Ep. 503 (Airs 6/19/18)

Anyway, now Pauline is a mess, and Dianna convinces her to lie on the tour and say that her marriage is stronger and better than ever. She is unable to do this and keeps breaking down in tears, until one night Dianna tells Charles to go support her and show up for her, thinking it would help her with her lie. Instead, upon seeing Charles, Pauline suddenly develops the courage to come clean to everyone and share her truth.

Her marriage was over long before the book, and she’s glad the couple in the book get their happy ending, because she’s still working on hers. Charles thanks her for her candour and Pauline throws it back in his face, listing all of the things he did to drive her away and drive a wedge in their relationship. He retroactively apologizes and, while looking directly at Liza, says that sometimes he can’t see things that are right in front of him.

Pauline thinks this is a declaration of love, but Liza realizes that something is up and runs after him. What follows is such an intense and poignant scene; Kudos to Peter & Sutton because my nonexistent heart shattered in that moment. I can’t even describe it and do it justice so I will embed the video below. Basically, Charles wants nothing to do with her now, they are strictly to have a professional relationship.


What will happen with Kelsey & Zane? Josh? Lauren’s PR firm? Maggie’s side-hustle as an attraction on a Brooklyn bus tour? Pauline and Liza’s working relationship? CHARLES AND LIZA’S RELATIONSHIP?!! Hopefully we get all our answers on Tuesday…hopefully.