I really liked this one and hoped to see more episodes where Sheldon shares a storyline with his siblings in the rest of the season. Here’s what I mean…

Mr. Cooper the Tutor

This episode starts with Sheldon watching an episode of Star Trek with his Meemaw. Sheldon identifies with Mr. Spock because the half-human half-Vulcan man is ashamed of his human side. George interrupts and asks Sheldon to help Georgie with his homework or else the latter would get kicked off the football team. Prompted by  Meemaw, Sheldon negotiates by saying he will help his brother if he gets to go to the train station. They make a deal that if Georgie passes than Sheldon can get anything he wants under $20.

In his brother’s room, Georgie is relucted to have homework for starters and Sheldon is reluctant to be in such a distressing room. While Sheldon does his best to help his brother, it doesn’t do much good. George has to increase the incentive to $40 while Georgia is convinced that Sheldon is not a good teacher. The next day, after a pitiful night of studying, Georgie makes his way through the test while Sheldon finishes it in all of thirty seconds.

Cheater Cheater Bestfriend Eater

The next day, Sheldon gets to hand out all the marked tests. He’s disappointed in most of his class’ results and then comes to Georgie. Shocked, he announces that Georgie got a B. Georgie can’t believe it and his teacher, Ms. Ingram, can’t believe it either. In gym class, Tam tells him that Georgie had his answers written on the bottom of his shoe to Sheldon’s disbelief.

At home that night, Sheldon sneaks into Georgie’s room. Georgie’s passed out so Sheldon has no problem finding the shoe and seeing that it is scribbled with the algebra key. Georgie wakes up, takes the shoe and wipes away the evidence. Sheldon is appalled and claims that the truth should set him free.

Fast and Loose

After the train store, Sheldon has a heart to heart with his Meemaw. He confides in her and tells her that he feels guilty: Georgie cheated but no one knows about it so everyone is happy, Sheldon got a new train so it’s like he helped Georgie cheat. Meemaw says he shouldn’t worry about it too much because sometimes rules have to be broken for the greater good. From the look on her face as the scene ends, she is just saying that to make him feel better. She even talks through a Star Trek analogy with him. Sheldon then goes to Georgie and forgives him for cheating. Like Captain Kirk, Georgie just plays fast and loose with the rules to succeed.

Sheldon takes this new epiphany and applies it to his own life. Sheldon, who struggles immensely when it comes to physical activity, found a way to get out of gym class. He has written note ‘from his mom’ saying that he has a testicular hernia and must rest for the next six weeks. There is a flaw in his method though, as he doesn’t seem to think through the fact that his dad works for the school. In the athletic department. His PE teacher asks George how he’s doing, officially ruining Sheldon’s cunning plan.

We’re almost done the first season recap! I’ll be back next week with another episode.