The Silkworm: Part 2 Wraps This Mystery Up In A Nice Cocoon

Strike and Robin crack the case while inching closer and closer together

The second half of C.B. Strikes ‘The Silkworm: Part 2’ was truly amazing. Not only did we get the unmasking of Owen Quine’s murder (more on that later), but we saw Strike and Robin work together with such synergy and reckless joy; leaving this mystery fan wanting more! 

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With Fancourt discussing the suicide of his late wife (due to a parody of one of her novels), Robin suspects that he is more involved with Bombyx Mori than first thought; potentially explaining why Leonora Quine was arrested for the murder of her husband at the close of the last episode.

The key to solving the entire mystery in Strike’s eyes is to figure out who was the second author of Bombyx, which leads to him hiring a writing analyst to look for patterns that could lead to the mysterious culprit. 

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As Strike is unable to tail Fancourt like he originally intended to, Robin attempts to blend in as she follows Fancourt to a graveyard. It was a fun scene to watch, and it was enjoyable to see Robin slipping further into her role as Strike’s future sleuthing partner (and future love; I mean, she found him chocolates from his hometown.).

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In a pleasant surprise, the episode dials back the gore that was so shocking from the part one, and focuses much more on the whodunnit aspect and what toll being a detective takes on Strike and Robin. Their chemistry is just as brilliant as ever, and I cannot wait to see the rest of their story play out on screen. 

As the pair head into the finale, all of the suspects are assembled at an author dinner (and glammed up, if I do say so myself) and the killer is ready to be unmasked. We learn that (spoiler) it was Liz Tassel, Quine’s literary agent. We learn that Tassel wrote the parody of Fancourt’s late wife’s book, leading to her suicide and that Owen Quine was blackmailing Tassel since the death. 

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Tassel, upon being confronted, makes a run for it. Robin, eager to get into the thick of it, chases her down and tackles her to the ground (three cheers to Robin!). The excitement of the second hour of The Silkworm’s television adaption sets the bar for Strike and Robin’s crime-solving skills and leaves me wanting so much more in the next set of episodes. What did you think? 

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