When I was young, I absolutely adored Pokémon Snap. I loved terrorizing Jigglypuffs with my flute and tempting Charmanders with apples. Everything about Pokémon Snap intrigued me and when I found the Detective Pikachu demo I was drawn in. The instant the game downloaded I was ready to revisit my childhood. While some nostalgia was fulfilled, I did find one fault in Detective Pikachu that killed my lust for the franchise.


Source: Game Savvy

The game started with Pikachu and his buddy swerving off the highway ending the scene in a crash. It is implied that this crash gave Pikachu the ability to understand the humans around him. He runs into a slightly depressed young man, the only human that can understand him, in Ryme City and they quickly begin their journey as a detective duo. Their first case? Finding the Aipoms that stole a young girls necklace. The duo race through town talking to humans and Pokémon alike finding clues and solving mysteries. Overall, the Detective Pikachu demo was a perfect slice of what the full game will entail.

Detective Pikachu

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What I loved about the demo was the easy to follow directions thus allowing any age player to enjoy. This combined with the adorable animation make for an exciting day of interacting with cute Pokémon. While I did enjoy the demo, one aspect really rubbed me the wrong way. Growing up, Pikachu had a high pitched, sickly, sweet voice. In this game, Pikachu sounds like a rough and tough gumshoe with a pack a day habit. This gruff voice is off putting and had me laughing anytime he spoke.

Detective Pikachu

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This one fault sealed the deal for me. I understand I am heavily biased due to growing up with the Pokémon franchise, but it feels as though this aspect wasn’t thought through. Pikachu’s tiny yellow body doesn’t align with an angry old man. However, if one can get passed this one flaw Detective Pikachu is quite a fascinating game.

Detective Pikachu

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Overall, Detective Pikachu isn’t the game that I grew up with however, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It still brought me back to playing video games on my parent’s couch, when times were simpler. Detective Pikachu may sound gruff and unappealing but the true theme in the game shines through. Friends come in all shapes, sizes, and under unexpected circumstances. In the end, Detective Pikachu squeezes its way into the hearts of all players both seasoned and new alike.

Detective Pikachu can be found on 3DS and the trailer can be seen here.