After 8 years and 10 Seasons, one of our most beloved animated series is coming to a close. We’d heard the rumours for what feels like years now, but we somehow lost sight and now it feels like this untimely end is too sudden.
Adventure Time Finale

Adventure Time Series Finale Card – Cartoon Network

We still don’t have an official date on when the four part series finale “Come Along With Me” will actually air, but considering the last wave of Adventure Time episodes aired over TWO MONTHS AGO we expect it could come at anytime, especially considering the trailer for the finale dropped with thay last batch of episodes in mid-March. Everyone is expecting a Summer release and while I can’t wait, I hope the hour long finale does the series justice. It’s at least partially narrated by BMO as he tells us of the Great Gum War and my eyes are already leaking.
If Cartoon Network wanted to be sentimental they could have ended the series in April to parallel the show’s premiere, but that ship has sailed.  In the last 2 years I can’t help but feel like Cartoon Network has intentionally done this prolific program dirty.  Leaking episodes early, requiring fans to be detectives to figure out air dates, limited promotions of new episodes have all seen viewership drop at a steady pace. Hell, my DVR didn’t even catch the new March episodes and I only found out when I went to look when new ones would be coming. Those March 18th, 2018 episodes also happened to net the lowest ratings in the shows history at .53 million U.S. viewers. Sure this number is low and doesn’t include later viewing or streaming or international views, but as fans we have provided no fight or pushback to save our show.
Adventure Time Finale

Adventure Time Series Finale – Cartoon Network

However, 10 seasons does feel right and they have wrapped up so many things nicely and come full circle so many times it feels like we have naturally spiraled into a satisfying finale and we urge anyone that isn’t caught up to do so now and Come Along With [Us] for this emotional finale.
[The end credits song “Come Along with Me” is being used as the name of the 4 part finale. Doesn’t that just hurt your heart?]